Each full-time student is issued a Carthage College identification card. Carthage identification cards are non-transferable and may not be loaned to anyone. The use of ID cards by anyone other than the person to whom the card has been issued is prohibited. Students should carry their Carthage ID card at all times. The student is required to present the card at the request of any College official for purposes of identification. If the card is lost or stolen, please report it immediately to the Office of Public Safety and the Office of Student Life.

In the event of a lost or broken card, a new replacement card can be purchased in the Office of Student Life. A $35 fee will be assessed to the student’s account. Once a new card has been purchased, refunds will not be provided for students who find their original card. If the original ID card is found, it should be destroyed for security reasons. Students have the option to have either their legal or preferred first name printed on their ID cards. Questions regarding preferred names on ID cards can be directed to the Office of Student Life. A frequently asked question page has also been provided for reference.

The student identification card provides access to campus facilities and Dining Commons. It must be presented for entry into each meal. Parkhurst Dining retains the right to refuse entry to anyone without a valid identification card.

Attempts to gain entry for meals without authorization and the removal of food from the cafeteria will be considered acts of theft. Such actions will be handled under the College disciplinary system.