What is a preferred first name?

A preferred first name is a name a student wishes to be known by that is different from a student’s legal name. Carthage students are able to request a college ID with their preferred first name and legal last name.

What is a legal name?

A legal name is a name that appears on your driver’s license, passport, birth certificate, or U.S. Social Security Card.

Am I required to use my preferred first name on my Carthage ID?

No. A preferred first name on your Carthage ID is optional. It is in no way a requirement. You may choose to have your legal first name on your ID.

Where will my preferred first name appear?

Your preferred first name will only appear on your Carthage ID card if requested.

Will my preferred first name appear in the online Carthage College directory?

No. Your legal name will appear in the Carthage College directory.

Where will my legal name be used?

Your legal name will be used in business and other College processes and systems including, but not limited to:

  • Schoology
  • Workday
  • Carthage online directory
  • Carthage email account
  • Voter ID cards
  • Transcripts
  • Academic certifications
  • Diplomas
  • Athletics rosters
  • Public Safety reports
  • Maxient Conduct System

Are there any preferred first name ID restrictions?

A preferred first name ID may not be used for purposes of fraud or misrepresentation. The College reserves the right to remove a preferred first name if it contains inappropriate or offensive language.

Does a preferred first name affect my legal name?

No. Requesting a preferred first name for your Carthage ID does not change your legal name.

Who will have access to my legal name?

College administrators, faculty, the Office of Public Safety, and your supervisor (if you are employed in a campus job) will have access to your legal name.

May I have a new photograph taken for my new Carthage ID?

Yes. When submitting the request form, you will have the option to submit a new photo to be printed on your preferred first name ID. A new photo is optional, and you may choose to keep your current ID photo. Your old photograph may still appear in other College systems, such as Schoology.

Is my Carthage ID card a form of identification accepted off campus?

It is advisable to carry a government-issued form of ID such as a driver’s license or passport with you in order to access resources that are not on the Carthage campus.

How do I request a preferred first name ID?

Students can request a preferred first name ID by completing the request form. The Office of Student Life reviews all requests. After submitting the form, students can come to the Office of Student Life during office hours, 8 a.m.-6 p.m. Monday through Friday, to have their new ID printed. Students must turn in their current Carthage ID to receive the new one.

What does a new ID card with my preferred name cost?

A $35 fee for a new ID card will be assessed to the student’s account. The $35 fee for a replacement ID will be waived one time if the student turns in the ID with their legal name.

For more information

If you have more questions about requesting a preferred first name ID, please contact the Office of Student Life at studentlife@carthage.edu or 262-551-5800.