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* Student Conduct Point System: Students and organizations are assessed points and sanctions for violations of Carthage policies. The point system is divided into three categories, based on the degree of severity of the infraction. Read more about the Student Conduct Point System

In general, the College prohibits unauthorized solicitation on the Carthage campus. The following statements govern individuals, groups, and outside organizations which wish to solicit students and/or employees, sell products and/or services and promote these products and services.

Off-Campus Representatives

  • Off-campus individuals or companies wishing to distribute or to sell their services or products must be authorized to do so by the Senior Vice President for Business and Administration.
  • A company representative, seeking students for employment part-time or full-time, can learn more about opportunities for recruitment by visiting The Aspire Center.

On-Campus Organizations

  • Selling, soliciting, or promotion of services or product sales must be coordinated with the Director of Student Activities.
  • Selling or soliciting by recognized Carthage organizations must occur only in campus building lobbies or the Todd Wehr Center and does not include residence halls. Door-to-door selling in any campus building is prohibited.

Individual Selling

Individual students selling services or products cannot sell door-to-door in any campus building, or set up displays for individual gain. Acceptable notices (posters, newspaper ads) may be used to promote sales. Posters must be approved in the Office of Student Life. Carthage College resources (i.e. residence hall rooms, campus network resources) cannot be used for commercial selling or solicitation. Any questions concerning the above policy should be directed to the Office of Student Life.