Carthage College recognizes that any policy statement in this area involves affirming academic freedom as well as institutional and personal responsibility. Therefore, regarding to speakers invited to campus, Carthage College recognizes that:

  • Affording members of the College the privilege of inviting representative speakers to address them is sound and should be encouraged. Furthermore, since free inquiry and free discussion are essential to educational development, a recognized College organization or committee may invite any speaker to speak on campus. Before an invitation is extended, the advisor(s) of the respective organization must be consulted; however, advisors shall not have the power of veto over the invitation. Also, before the invitation is extended, the inviting committee or organization must register the proposed event with the Director of Student Activities. If, in the light of this speaker policy statement, the Director of Student Activities feels the proposed event should be considered further, he/she may refer the matter to the Dean of Students. The Dean of Students shall strive to see that there is an overall balance in the variety of speakers presented, and to ensure that those who hear a speaker have the right to expect from a responsible presentation of an issue.
  • Sponsoring guest speakers does not imply approval or endorsement by the College of the views expressed by the speaker. Furthermore, speakers should always appear within the context of the total educational program of the College and their appearance should help develop mature, thinking persons who are aware, also, of the Christian dimension applicable in each situation. Because speakers do appear within the context of the total educational program and because in some instances it is crucially important to remain within that context, the Dean of Students may consider it wise and appropriate to open some programs only to the College.
  • All contracts made with outside speakers must be signed by the advisor of the organization responsible for bringing the speaker to campus and the Director of Student Activities.

Carthage College recognizes that students should be afforded the opportunity to respond to any speaker or event. Students, groups, or organizations may respond in the following manner:

  • The group/organization will respond in a manner within the context of the total educational program of the College and their response should contribute to the development of mature, thinking persons, in accordance with the principles above.
  • The responding group will be able to respond in a public location identified by the Office of Student Life.
  • The responding group will be responsible for complying with the directions of college officials as they work to maintain effective college operations.

In organizing such a response, students can work with the appropriate Office of Student Life staff with the final approval coming from the Dean of Students.