Minimum 1 point *

* Student Conduct Point System: Students and organizations are assessed points and sanctions for violations of Carthage policies. The point system is divided into three categories, based on the degree of severity of the infraction. Read more about the Student Conduct Point System

The health of each member of the Carthage Community is important to the College. Therefore, the College prudently takes appropriate steps to safeguard the health and safety of Carthage students, faculty, and staff. In as much as the use of smoke-emitting tobacco has been shown to be hazardous to the health of the user and those who must breathe the ambient air, the College enforces this policy:

Smoking, including electronic cigarettes, is prohibited completely in all buildings on campus. Smoking is prohibited within 25 feet of residential and academic facilities.

The use of chewing tobacco shall be prohibited in all classroom buildings, the Hedberg Library, Wartburg Auditorium, Walter Fritsch Meditation Chapel, Joan C. Potente Chapel, and A.F. Siebert Chapels, all athletic facilities, Student Union, and the Todd Wehr Center. Use of smokeless tobacco is restricted to individual residence hall rooms. Improper disposal of smokeless tobacco waste will result in disciplinary action. There shall be no sale of tobacco products on the campus. Voluntary compliance with this policy is respectfully requested by members of the Carthage Community and visitors alike.