Read about residence hall facilities and maintenance below.

Common areas

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College-provided furnishings should not be removed or exchanged between rooms. Violations of this policy will result in a minimum $100 fine for each piece found. Each student involved in the unauthorized possession of College furnishings will be fined, as stated, as an individual participant. Offenses may result in other more severe disciplinary sanctions.

Damage to residence halls and Carthage furnishings outside of individual rooms will be charged to those responsible. In the event that the identity of those responsible is not known, the damage will be assessed equally to all residents of the wing/floor/hall. This charge will be made once unclaimed damage has been determined. Residents withdrawing during the term will be charged an equal share of the unclaimed damages as of the date of departure. This policy applies exclusively to College-owned furnishings and property.

Laundry facilities

The washer and dryer machines are managed through the Office of Residential Life and leased from CSC ServiceWorks. Please use the CSC ServiceWorks website or the CSC ServiceWorks app to report any problems with the laundry machines.

When reporting an issue, please use the following steps:

  • Take note of the machine’s ID number and location
  • Scan the machine’s barcode or type in the machine’s ID manually
  • Select the issue
  • Type any additional comments
  • Click “submit”

You can submit a refund request online for money lost due to a laundry machine issue.

If you need any other assistance regarding laundry in the residence halls, please contact the Office of Residential Life.

Damage to personal property

Carthage College is not responsible for damage, loss, or theft of personal property. Personal property includes but is not limited to any items for which the student has possession (examples: bedding, textbooks, academic supplies, electronic devices, clothing, jewelry, recreational equipment, and more).

It is strongly recommended that students review any insurance policies they or their families/guardians, maintain to determine if personal belongings are covered under the policy. If not, Carthage encourages families to consider purchasing a renters insurance policy to cover their belongings from damage, loss, or theft.


If an incident occurs in a residential facility that threatens to damage personal belongings, the threat should be immediately reported to a Residential Life staff member or public safety officer to engage maintenance or environmental services (EVS) to assist with remediation (may include third-party vendor as part of remediation). Examples of damages that can impact personal property might include water entering the room or fire. In either case, the first action is to report what has occurred to address the issue creating the damage immediately.

As a part of the remediation, the Residential Life staff will collaborate with Public Safety and Operations on any investigation in the incident, assist with any third party remediation involvement, collect information from the students, and assist with any relocations required during the remediation process.

Information that may be collected from the student may include:

  • Timeline of impact from the threat impacting the room
  • Location of area of impact in the room
  • List of any personal items affected and have them available for inspection/evaluation (students required to maintain receipts to evidence loss)
  • Photos of area and personal items impacted After the investigation, if it is determined that a student(s) has caused the threat that created damage in the room or to personal belongings, the individuals will be forwarded to student conduct.

Operations will address remediation and repairs in any room, while residential life will assist with communications related to support of students impacted, including records related to damaged personal belongings.

Room repairs

Contact a residence hall staff member to report any maintenance needs that are necessary or file a maintenance request. If a repair is not made within a reasonable amount of time, the student should contact a residence hall staff member to follow up on the request. The request for repairs grants permission for the maintenance staff to enter the room at their convenience to make the necessary repairs. Failure to allow the maintenance staff access to your room will result in your request not being completed.