Carthage’s primary concern is student safety. Any person who reports an incident of sexual misconduct will not be subject to discipline for reasonable violations of Carthage’s Community Code related to reports of sexual misconduct made in good faith.

Reporting helps Carthage protect community members who might be at risk and allows Carthage to take steps to prevent the recurrence of sexual misconduct.

Community members who believe that they or any other community member have experienced sexual misconduct are strongly encouraged to make a report to a Title IX Coordinator. Community members can also report an incident of sexual misconduct to the Office of Student Life, Carthage Public Safety, Residence Life staff, the Health and Counseling Center, or to a Carthage faculty or staff member.

Community members can contact Carthage Security or Residence Life professional staff to make a report outside of normal business hours.

In an emergency, community members should contact Campus Security at 262-551-5911 or the police at 911.

Individuals who experience sexual misconduct often need time and space to process what happened. The following confidential resources are available to community members who do not know how they want to proceed and who would like to speak to someone in confidence:

  • Campus Pastor, 262-551-5812
  • Health and Counseling Center, 262-551-5710

In addition, a complainant can file a written complaint with the Dean of Students/Director of Student Conduct in the Office of Student Life, which is located in the Todd Wehr Center. Its phone number is 262-551-5800.

All Carthage faculty and staff must promptly forward any reasonable suspicion of sexual misconduct to a Title IX Coordinator, and forward any reports of sexual misconduct to a Title IX Coordinator. In addition, Carthage faculty and staff must, if safe to do so, intervene or stop any sexual misconduct that they observe.

Upon receiving a report of an incident of sexual misconduct, Carthage will follow these procedures:

(1) Either a Residence Life or Carthage Security staff member will contact the complainant, ensure their current environment is safe, address any immediate health or medical concerns, and forward the report to the investigator.

(2) As soon as possible, the investigator will contact the complainant to discuss the incident of sexual misconduct and obtain additional information about that incident.

(3) The investigator will also:

  • Inform the complainant that they can report the incident of sexual misconduct to local law enforcement authorities, receive the investigator’s assistance in making such a report, or decline to make such a report.
  • Inform the complainant that they have the choice to file a written complaint and pursue a sexual misconduct proceeding under this Policy, and that such a proceeding will occur independently of any criminal investigation and proceeding.
  • Provide written information about the importance of preserving evidence of an incident of sexual misconduct.
  • Provide written information about remedies and protective measures available to the complainant.

(4) Carthage will provide any reasonable protective measures or remedies requested by the complainant to the investigator.