Carthage College recognizes that holding students accountable for their behavior, according to the community standards as outlined in this Code, is integral to the educational process. The College reserves the right to address those who violate established rules, practices, and procedures, or those whose conduct is contrary to the best interest of other students or the College.

Students are expected to abide by state laws, city ordinances, and college regulations both on and off campus. Civil authorities may be called to the campus if College officials deem such action necessary. Any behavior that violates the community code; whether on campus, adjacent to campus or off-campus, is subject to Carthage student conduct charges.

Any group or organization may be held accountable for the actions of any of its members in violation of this code. In cases where a group or organization faces student conduct, each person participating in a violation may also be charged as individuals.

All violations of Carthage policies, state law or federal law are subject to sanction under the Community Code.

These are guidelines and the College reserves the right to intervene at any time to protect the good of the community.