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Teachers might stand at the head of the class, but the good ones never stop studying. As a Carthage student, you will open your mind to diverse ideas and commit to lifelong learning.

Majors and Minors

Elementary Education (Grades 1-8)
Special Education (K-12)
Social Science Education (5-12)

Emphases (all K-12):
Physical Education
Art Education
Theatre Education
Music Education (K-12)

Urban Education (1-8 or 5-12)
Natural Science/STEM (1-8)
Broad Field Science* (5-12)
Secondary Education* (5-12)
Educational Studies

* with major in chosen subject area


Noyce Scholarship Program:
$16,000 in scholarships available for STEM majors.

Merging theory and practice, the Education Department at Carthage cultivates highly competent, caring, and committed teachers. Carthage prepares education students for a lifetime of learning through a rigorous academic program that emphasizes independent thought, critical analysis, and effective communication.

As firm believers in experiential learning, we send teacher candidates into local schools early and often to observe, plan, and teach lessons. By the time you begin the official student teaching semester, you already will have spent more than 100 hours in classrooms.

Experiential Learning

Count on immersing yourself in local elementary, middle, or secondary schools throughout your time at Carthage — beginning with your first semester as a teacher candidate. Students have access to a variety of elementary, middle and high schools in many different neighborhoods, giving students powerful and diverse experiences in urban and suburban settings. The faculty are devoted to ongoing professional development, community involvement, and high quality field experiences for their students.

Equipped to Innovate

Carthage alumni regularly win county, state, and national awards for their caring, innovative approaches to teaching.

Recent honors include:

  • Middle-Level Social Studies Teacher of the Year (National Council for the Social Studies) — 2013
  • Wisconsin PTA Elementary Teacher of the Year — 2011
  • Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching — 2003

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“The Education Department here at Carthage really guides you through the process of becoming a top-tier teacher. All of the professors are extremely helpful and are always checking up on you to make sure you are on the right track.”

— Paul Csongradi ’16

  • Who We Are

    • “The biggest surprise so far has been how supportive professors are. Although I would expect nothing but the best, professors at Carthage truly go above and beyond to make sure that each student is fully supported so that they are successful. Professors at Carthage are always looking to find ways to improve their courses and programs so that each student has the opportunity to receive a quality education.”

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      Lauren Weis — ’20

    • “I had no idea what I wanted to be growing up, but I don’t think 8-year-old me would be too surprised with the career path I chose. I always wanted to be able to help people and make a difference in people’s lives, and teaching allows me to do that.”

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      Madisen Kaelber — ’20