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Federal Law requires that all research and teaching activities involving animals done at Carthage College be approved in advance by the IACUC. Plans to house animals at Carthage College for research or teaching purposes must also be approved in advance by the IACUC.

Approval by the IACUC is obtained by submitting a formal application outlining the proposed protocols for housing and/or using animals. Applications may be requested from the IACUC Chair. Those wishing to use animals in research or teaching at Carthage College must complete the IACUC application form. The approval process takes a minimum of two weeks but may take up to six weeks if a full committee review is required.

If the protocol is incomplete or if any member of the IACUC requests clarification of the planned protocol, the Chair of the IACUC will inform the Principal Investigator (PI) by email of the additional information or clarifications required. The PI will be required to submit an amended IACUC application form that includes the additional information requested.

After the IACUC has reviewed the application, the IACUC Chair will inform the PI by email of the application’s status, e.g. whether the application has been approved, denied, or conditionally approved pending modification. In the case of conditional approval pending modification, the PI will be notified of the required modifications by an email from the IACUC Chair and asked to submit a revised protocol. The revised protocol will then be forwarded to the IACUC for review. This process may take up to one additional month for a full committee review of the modified application.

Students who wish to conduct any research involving animals at Carthage College must do so under the supervision of a Carthage faculty member. Students should consult with their faculty mentor and obtain the faculty mentor’s consent before submitting an application to the IACUC. All students, faculty, and staff at Carthage that use animals for research or teaching must complete the CITI training for the ethical use of animals prior to beginning their work and on an annual basis thereafter.

IACUC Requirements for Animal Use Approval

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