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Family Fun Night

Family Fun Night Calendar

Spring 2018 Schedule

Feb. 9

Hosted by the Society of Physics Students 

Feb. 16

NEA Big Read: “Station Eleven.” Hosted by Sigma Tau Delta English fraternity and Alpha Psi Omega theater fraternity.

March 16

Creativity Festival, hosted by Lambda Kappa.

March 23

Special Guest: The Racine Zoo

April 6

Hosted by the Carthage Chemistry Club

April 13

Around the World

Fall 2017 Schedule

oct. 6

Welcome to Lancelot!
In our first Family Fun Night of the year, Carthage’s Court of Nobility will be joining us with the majesty himself, King Arthur. You’ll be welcomed into the kingdom for a night of medieval activities including forging a shield to fight alongside King Arthur, creating your very own dragon, competing in musical chairs, and so much more! 

oct. 27

Stages of Matter!
Have you ever wondered how matter can take so many forms? Or how water can be a solid, liquid, and a gas? So have we! To answer some of our questions, Carthage’s Chemistry Club will be joining us for a night full of experiments that will give us a closer look into the stages of matter. You’ll even be able to find your inner chemist and try some experiments of your own!

Nov. 10

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince!
Are you ready for another magical evening? This year we’ll be commemorating the wizarding world with a night based on Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Join us so you can be sorted into your own house, find your own wand, discover horcruxes, and test your magic skills in many other tasks!

NOV. 17

Fun with STEAM!
Do you love math, science, technology, art or engineering? Want to learn more about just how interesting these topics can be? Then join the Family Fun Night crew and the Kenosha Public library for a night full of interactive learning including balance and marble runs, robotics, circuits, coding, and much much more. Don’t forget to bring your thinking caps! 




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