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Carthage Arts Academy

About the Academy


Our mission is to give a well-rounded music education to precollege and adult students in the Southeastern Wisconsin area and to embody the standard of musical quality for our community. We enable students to explore the joy of making music, fine-tune their musical skills according to their personal objectives, and help make music a part of everybody’s life.


Because the Carthage Arts Academy is under the supervision of Carthage College’s artist-faculty who are experts in their fields, Academy students have the advantage of studying in an environment that follows the highest standards of musical instruction.

Our faculty include experienced performers and experts in music education, including specialization in education for young children. In addition to the accomplished musical artists who are on the music faculty at Carthage College, teachers at the Carthage Arts Academy include advanced music majors with specific training in providing musical instruction. Student-teachers have completed pedagogy training, attend training sessions specifically for Academy teachers, and work closely under the guidance of our artist-faculty.

Performance Opportunities

Students in the Academy will have the opportunity to perform in Academy recitals at the end of each session, giving them experience performing in a public space and enabling friends and family to celebrate their accomplishments.