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Fine Arts at Carthage

The View from an Artist

Take a behind-the-scenes look at the lives and minds of Carthage artists and visiting performers.


  • Donovan Harris ’21, as Jack in “Into the Woods”

    Now that classes have been done for three weeks and students have had time to rest and recover after a long year, many sophomores are reflecting on their freshman year at Carthage, just like Donovan Harris ’21. Harris told me about his journey leading to Carthage, and what he wishes he would have known before his freshman year.

  • Mary Kelly Hutchinson ‘18

    The Carthage Arts Academy aims to provide well-rounded music education to precollege and adult students, enable students to explore the joy of making music, and fine-tune their musical skills according to their personal objectives. As experienced performers, and experts in music education and instruction, the faculty is able to give clear instructions and connect with the students on a personal level. Students are also given performance experience during the Academy recitals at the end of each session. It was awesome to read about this opportunity at Carthage, but it was even better to talk to a student who participated in the Arts Academy, Mary Kelly Hutchinson ’18.

  • Ryan Olson ‘18

    There are always a lot of emotions surrounding graduation for everyone involved. Grads who aren’t sure what they’re doing after graduation may be nervous about the next step in their lives, or they may see graduation as just another part in an adventure. Saying bye to friends and professors may seem bittersweet, especially while asking for recommendation letters or decorating graduation caps as the big day approaches. What’s important is that every graduating student looks back on the good times they had at Carthage and keep those good times in mind as they move on to the next part of their journey. I talked to fellow graduate Ryan Olson ’18 about his experience at Carthage, what he’s going to miss the most about Carthage, and what he has planned for the next step in his journey.

  • Heather Beckman ‘19

    Each year, the Carthage Music Department hosts the Honors Recital, one of its most prestigious music events. The Recital showcases the hard work done by students, and celebrates their dedication to their music. Recital participants are chosen through a highly selective audition process. This week, I talked to Heather Beckman ’19 about her experience leading up to the recital and her time at Carthage. Beckman is an Elementary Education and Music double major with a Spanish Minor.

  • Kaylen Boyer ‘18 and Madelyn McCullough ‘18

    For the last four years, Carthage has featured senior art project during the annual spring Art Walk. The Art Walk is a great opportunity for the Carthage community to support their fellow students, and a way for the featured artists to get real life experience by participating in an art show. I talked with Kaylen Boyer ’18 and Madelyn McCullough ’18, two students that participated in this year’s Art Walk that was on May 5, to discuss their personal experience as students and artists during their time at Carthage.