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Fine Arts at Carthage

The View from an Artist

Take a behind-the-scenes look at the lives and minds of Carthage artists and visiting performers.


  • Dr. García-Novelli

    There comes a time where we must say goodbye and move on to the next adventure. For Dr. García-Novelli, his new adventure will take him all the way to the University of Kansas, where he will serve as the Director of Choral Studies. Before he jumps into this new position, we reflect on his 13 years at Carthage, noting the successes, the challenges, and the numerous moments of magic he experienced with the Music Department.

  • Katie Carlson ‘19

    As Carthage graduates make their way in the world, the experiences they receive at Carthage stick with them on their future journeys. For Katie Carlson ’19, her time at Carthage helped prepare her to continue her education at Florida State University. Now after completing her Masters of Music Education, Katie will continue learning through her new teaching position at Golda Meir in Milwaukee. I spoke with Katie about her graduate program, her time at Carthage, and what students can do to take advantage of Carthage’s unique opportunities.

  • Ellie Moore ‘21

    As students rush off into the summer, many are heading off into a world full of new adventures. They enter new careers, move to new places, and grow in unexpected ways. Throughout their journeys, their experiences at Carthage College help guide them along their path. From skills that enable them to pursue a specific career to the personal growth that allows them to take on new challenges, Carthage prepares graduates intellectually and emotionally for the real world. Recent Carthage graduate Ellie Moore ’21 will be jumping from hectic college life to a career in the arts. An art education major, Ellie just finished her senior thesis art show and is about to finish her student teaching for her teacher’s license. We talk with Ellie as she reminisces on her time at Carthage and looks ahead to her future.

  • Carthage Young Artists Chamber Music Concert

    For many young students this past year, music education has been through a screen. While teachers have been trying to replicate the joys of rehearsing and performing as youth ensembles, the pandemic has made it difficult for students to safely play with each other. Luckily through the Racine Community Foundation’s Smolenski Fund, students have been able to develop their love for communal music making in the Carthage Young Artists Chamber Program. Students of all ages and skill levels came together and rehearsed for three weeks before performing for their families. From violin duets to mini chamber orchestras, these young artists worked together to create wonderful music.

  • Nicholas Huff '15

    One of the main aspects of Carthage’s mission statement is “Inspiring Service.” As artists, students, and teachers, we seek to build connections, inspire a love for learning, and much more through music. The Performing Arts Series (PAS), in its 24th year, provides exceptional performing artists to the southeastern Wisconsin community. Our remarkable lineup of guest artists provide concerts, masterclasses, and educational programming at Carthage and in the broader community.  The series is sponsored in part by the Racine Community Foundation. 

    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many artists on the series were postponed.  We were grateful to hear that Carthage Alumnus Nicholas Huff ’15 was interested in a collaboration with The Kenosha Opera Festival and Carthage Music Department’s Opera Workshop to create a family friendly program titled “Emoji Goes to the Opera.” This program is designed to introduce children to opera in a way that they can understand and enjoy. I talked with Nicholas Huff about the program, his experiences at Carthage, and how the Kenosha Opera Festival plans on further implementing Carthage College’s mission into their programs.