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Giving Day

Thank you!

Joy Kidero

“I am honored to be a Carthage scholarship recipient. My dream of working in finance is moving forward, thanks to generous educational scholarships. Your support throughout my college career has given me an incredible opportunity to build wonderful relationships and acquire necessary skills that will propel me into the next chapter of my life following graduation. Thank you personally for your generosity. Without scholarship patrons and donors as yourself willing to support the education and growth of young adults, students such as myself would find it difficult to pursue their desired degrees. Thank you for enabling this opportunity!”
— Joy Kidero ’20

Rami Fakhoury '22

“My family has had many financial hardships in the last decade and this scholarship means a lot to all of us. Most parents want to do as much for their kids as they possibly can and it has been challenging to see my parents feel as they haven’t done enough. We’ve never been tied to materialistic things but being able to give back to my family is something that means so much to me. Through these hardships, I’ve learned that just because you are in a bad situation doesn’t mean you have to stay there. I am motivated to keep working hard and this award has given me extra encouragement and affirmation to keep going. This means more than you know and I am and will always be incredibly thankful. Thank you for the difference you are making in the lives of students like myself.”
—Rami Fakhoury ’22

Eric Schmitt '20

“This year I am going into my senior year at Carthage. Looking back on my time at Carthage, I have begun to realize how blessed I was to be able to attend Carthage these past three years. Carthage has given me everything I ever wanted in a college. I’ve been able to be a college athlete by competing in both cross country and track and field, I’ve been a part of a fraternity (Delta Upsilon), and I’ve been able to build meaningful and lasting relationships with my professors. I am so thankful for your donations to Carthage because I may have never had these opportunities without scholarships.”
— Eric Schmitt ’20

Emerance Nkashama '20

I am very grateful that you have decided to invest your money in my education. I plan to only put my best work forward to ensure that your investment is used to its maximum potential. Your generosity truly makes a difference to me and my education. Thank you very much for your kindness.
— Emerance Nkashama ’20

McKenna Sanders '20

I am thankful for my alumni mentor who helped open my mind to discover employment fields I never imagined going into. With his help, I gained insightful knowledge of different industries, uncovering hidden strengths of mine, and the confidence needed in future interviews.
— McKenna Sanders ’20

Sage O'Brien '20

“This is a bittersweet moment in my college career, as I am nearing the end of my time at Carthage. I cannot put into words my sincerest gratitude for the opportunities this scholarship has provided, like allowing me to lead new campus organizations, excel in challenging writing classes or lab-based courses, and intern this summer at a non-profit organization. Thank you to all who’ve supported my growth these last few years as a student, scientist, and active citizen so I am ready to finish my last year with a bang and graduate as a proud and successful Carthaginian.”
— Sage O’Brien ’20

Jacob Simar

“I want to thank you again for your financial support because, without you, I would not have been able to go to Carthage and grow spiritually as I have so far.”
— Jacob Simar ’20

Celestine Ananda '20

Thank you for supporting my experience at NASA Kennedy Space Center. The Smeds Executive Internship Program Gift has helped to make this opportunity possible, and I could not have more gratitude. As a low-income student, I was unsure that this internship opportunity could fully support my financial needs, but with help from donations, I am allowed to fully focus on my internship and worry less about having the financial means to continue my education. I am planning to attend graduate school in the Fall of 2020 to study Aeronautical Engineering or Applied Physics.”
Celestine Ananda ’20

Faculty blank photo

“This scholarship is an immense help and relief to me and I am happy to be able to focus more on my academic success for the year and not the worry I feel as I wonder how I will pay the bill to remain in school. Words cannot fully convey how much this scholarship means to me and I feel that thank you is not enough. This will afford me the opportunity to spend more time studying and volunteering for community causes that I believe in as well as the ability to begin saving for travel and study abroad opportunities to further broaden my worldview. Thank you so much again for your contribution to this scholarship, it means more to me than I could ever fully say.”
— Fritzi Burnside ’22

Odalis Munoz '21

Thank you so much for believing that students like me can make a big difference in our world. Once I’m established in my career, I hope to also give back to students like me and become a donor for Carthage scholarships because donors like you make a big difference.
Odalis Munoz ’21