Campaign Priority no. 2
Program Innovation

Goal: $20 million

Let your light … spur the creation of innovative new programs that will solidify Carthage’s standing as a top choice for career-minded students and growth-minded employers in our region and around the world.


President’s Innovation Fund

Gifts to the President’s Innovation Fund will ensure that Carthage offers academic programs that meet the ever-evolving needs of students and employers in the region. Stimulate fresh approaches to traditional education and customized programs for community partners.

Academic Growth Areas

Contributions will enable the College to build and fortify programs with significant growth potential, including:

  • Engineering: Optimize the engineering facility that’s now in the first phase of construction in Lentz Hall and make faculty openings even more attractive to highly qualified candidates.
  • Business and Economics: Equip Carthage students to “Achieve What’s Next,” the fitting motto of the new school. Spur the creation of new business offerings and help the College to recruit additional faculty.
  • Nursing and Pre-health: Support Carthage’s most popular major (nursing) by paving the way for new specialties, additional faculty, and updated facilities (including software for the high-tech simulators). Boost pre-health advising.

“I’ve always found it most fulfilling to be a bridge between a problem and a solution, to build relationships. I came to Carthage with a sense that college would help me find my path, and it did. I found my calling.”

– Patrick D’Alessandro ’23, B.A. in Marketing and Management