Campaign Priority no. 1
Scholarships & Other Financial Aid

Goal: $40 million

Let your light … transform the lives of future Firebirds through scholarships, other financial aid, and funded internship opportunities.


Recruiting Scholarships

Gifts to the Illuminate Recruiting Scholarship Fund will help to solidify Carthage as a top choice for talented high school and transfer students of any background or financial situation. Support merit (based on GPA), competitive (based on interviews, essays, or auditions), and need-based scholarships.

Retention Scholarships

Gifts to the Firebird Retention Scholarship Fund will remove financial barriers for returning students, keeping them on track to graduate. Provide additional support to sophomores, juniors, and seniors whose increased need threatens to disrupt their education.

Opportunity Funds

Contributions to the Opportunity Funds will give Carthage students access to tools and beyond-the-classroom options that maximize their education. Provide laptops and textbooks for those who struggle to afford them, cover travel expenses for a study abroad, or supplement students’ income to make research and internships feasible.

“This scholarship is a huge deal to me, because I am a first-generation student. All my years of hard work, from elementary school to high school, finally paid off.”

– Juan Gomez-Solis ’25, scholarship recipient