Taking action today will generate a radiant tomorrow

President John Swallow

My fellow Carthaginians and friends,

How farsighted they were, our Lutheran founders. From the very start in 1847, our founders claimed the mission of enlightening people in the American frontier. They were blessed to have seen the light, and they responded by sending that light traveling forth.

Today Carthage provides a practical education rooted in the liberal arts for many vocations, and our graduates are the leaders and practical heroes of our time: the ones others seek out for solutions, depend on for guidance, and count on to follow through. Whether it is in the workplace, the family, or the house of worship, Carthaginians are equipped with what communities need. They are the light that travels.

The time has come to spread that light further. Responding to changing student demographics and economic landscapes, Carthage is undertaking a $100 million campaign to equip more students, in more fields, and realize founding President Springer’s goal that Carthage reach “a scale of comprehensive usefulness.” With your support, we will:

  • Enhance and expand our academic offerings, attracting more students to Carthage and maximizing our students’ impact
  • Develop and broaden our educational models, providing more pathways to serve more students and more employers
  • Prepare and support our graduates in becoming the broadly educated, critical thinkers who flourish in their workplaces, their communities, and their individual lives.

Recognized as an entrepreneur among institutions, Carthage has already taken steps in these directions. Your philanthropic support will immediately accelerate Carthage’s journey.

Join us now. Be the Light That Travels.

John R. Swallow