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Global Heritage

The Global Heritage Prize

Global Heritage courses are concerned with ideas, works, and practices of non-Western traditions. The Global Heritage Competition is held annually to honor exceptional work in projects with a focus on non-Western traditions and peoples. The competition offers three cash prizes: $250 for first prize, $150 for second prize, and $100 for third prize.

Submission Deadline: 3:30 p.m. Feb. 22, 2021


  • Any Carthage student who has successfully completed or is enrolled in a Global Heritage course may submit a Global Heritage project for consideration for the Global Heritage Prize.
  • The project must have been completed while you were a student at Carthage, but it need not have been a class assignment.
  • Your entry must have the sponsorship of your Global Heritage instructor. The entry form has a place for your Global Heritage instructor to sign. (Global Heritage instructors may sponsor an unlimited number of entries.)
  • You must agree to allow your work to be displayed on the Carthage website and in other promotions and displays.
  • Winning entrants will participate in the Celebration of Scholars event with a presentation of the winning project.

How to Enter

1. Download and complete the entry form (You can also obtain the entry form from the Global Heritage Prize flyer holders in Lentz Hall on the bulletin boards, or pick up an entry form at the Senior Associate Provost’s Office, Lentz Hall 316.)

2. Contact your Global Heritage instructor (past or present) about sponsoring your entry. (Remember: the entry does not have to have been a class assignment.)

3. Create a digital file of your project. If it is a paper, it must be submitted as a Word .doc or a .pdf file. If your project is a three-dimensional object, take 3-5 photos and submit .jpg files. If your project moves in the fourth dimension (like a musical composition, a play, an instrument, or video, for example), submit a .mov or .mp3 or .wav file. If you need to use a different file format, please contact Tian Tian,

4. Write a description of your project. There is a place on the entry form for this, but feel free to use more space if appropriate. Your description must include:

  • The tradition that relates to your project.
  • An explanation of how your project relates to that tradition.
  • How the study of that culture has broadened your view of the world.
  • How you created your project. Describe your research and the creation of the work. If applicable, give a full account of all materials used.

5. Submit your entry form via email to with the subject line “Global Heritage Prize ENTRY” or bring it to Sue Grover in the Senior Associate Provost’s Office, Lentz Hall 316.

6. Email your project to with the subject line “Global Heritage Prize PROJECT” or bring your project to Sue Grover’s office, LH 316, the Senior Associate Provost’s Office.

Deadline and Notification

Entries must be submitted by 3:30 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2021. Judges will contact prize winners after Friday, Feb. 26, 2021.

Save the date

Cash prizes will be awarded at the Celebration of Scholars on Friday, March 26, 2021.