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J-Term at Carthage

J-Term Photo Contest

Every year students take amazing photos during J-Term. The three photos below are the winners of the 2020 J-Term photo contest. Each photographer won $50 for best encapsulating what J-Term at Carthage is all about. Congratulations to Ivonne, Emma, and Catherine!

Winning Photos

Ivonne Monroy - India

Ivonne Monroy ’22

Taken during the “Health Care in India: Traditional and Non-Traditional Healing” study tour led by Professor Margaret Wentzell.

Emma Legare - Nicaragua

Emma Legare ’21

Taken during the “Biology and Geography of Nicaragua” study tour in Costa Rica led by Profs. Matt Zorn and Paul Martino.

Catherine Spann - Costa Rica

Catherine Spann ’21

Taken during the “Photographing Nature: Investigating Biodiversity and Conservation with Digital Photography” study tour in Costa Rica led by Profs. Laura Huaracha and Deb Tobiason.

Ready to exercise your passport? There are several study tours planned for this summer!