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J-Term at Carthage

J-Term Photo Contest

Every year students take amazing photos during J-Term. The three photos below are the winners of the 2020 J-Term photo contest. Each photographer won $50 for best encapsulating what J-Term at Carthage is all about. Congratulations to Ivonne, Emma, and Catherine!

Winning Photos

Ivonne Monroy - India

Ivonne Monroy ’22

Taken during the “Health Care in India: Traditional and Non-Traditional Healing” study tour led by Professor Margaret Wentzell.

Emma Legare - Nicaragua

Emma Legare ’21

Taken during the “Biology and Geography of Nicaragua” study tour in Costa Rica led by Profs. Matt Zorn and Paul Martino.

Catherine Spann - Costa Rica

Catherine Spann ’21

Taken during the “Photographing Nature: Investigating Biodiversity and Conservation with Digital Photography” study tour in Costa Rica led by Profs. Laura Huaracha and Deb Tobiason.

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