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J-Term at Carthage

J-Term Photo Contest

Every year students send in amazing photos for J-Term, so we wanted to reward students with a contest! The three photos below won $50 for best encapsulating what J-Term at Carthage is all about. Congrats to Jordan, Austin, and Katherine!

Jordan Tallman ’19

Taken on the “Economics & Business in Southern Africa” study tour.

Economics & Business in Southern Africa.

“Jumping off sand dunes in the Namib Desert on the Walvis Bay Tour.”

Austin Winter ’18

Taken on campus for the Music Theatre Workshop: “Little Mermaid”

Music Theatre Workshop: Little Mermaid.


Katherine Lumsden ’20

Taken on the “Spanish Language Immersion in Guatemala” study tour. 

Spanish Language Immersion in Guatemala.

“In the center at the highest point of the island of Flores, rests a bustling park of vendors and performers overlooked by a white cathedral. On the basketball court, performers display a traditional Mayan dance. In particular, the colorful costumes retell the story of the Conquista, when Spain invaded and conquered Central America. The costumes of Conquistadors are notable by their costume: European styled hat and clothes with a mask donning markings of blond hair and blue eyes.”

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