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The Liberal Arts at Carthage

Essential Skills

Alumni Speak Out: Why the Liberal Arts Matter

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Diversity of Thought

Adrienne (Saputo) Hoyt '05 is a manager of business operations and administration at CNN.

Adrienne Hoyt ’05
She manages the business behind the breaking news for CNN.

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Ian Brodie '11 graduated with a degree in physics and a deep appreciation for the liberal arts.

Ian Brodie ’11
See how he’s using the skills he mastered on his way to a physics degree.

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Idea Generation

Allen Kuzilwa '03

Allen Kuzilwa ’03
His education prepared him to work for the High Commission of the United Republic of Tanzania. 


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Cherie Robinson is a senior human resources manager for Amazon.

Cherie Robinson ’01
Carthage prepared her to lead teams of thousands at Amazon.

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Christina Wright Bruff '04 works with the U.S. State Department's Bureau of African Affairs.

Christina Bruff ’04
She’s using her education in her job with the State Department.

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Sean Conley '15

Sean Conley ’15
He’s an hourly trader at a national energy management company.


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Communication Skills

Hunter Sandidge '15

Meet Hunter Sandidge ’15
His client list as a financial analyst for a Fortune 50 company includes NASA and the Department of Defense.

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A Discerning Mind

Susan Jensen '16

Meet Susan Jensen ’16
She went back to school as an adult; now she’s seeking a master’s degree after graduating from Carthage.

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Ability to Make Connections

Adam Mademann '07

Meet Adam Mademann ’07
From history and German majors, to managing logistics for a $1.5 billion company.