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Bringing Your Device to Campus

This page is designed to help you get and stay connected while you are at Carthage.  It provides information on:

What Devices to Bring (and what NOT to bring)

Carthage recommends that every student have their own laptop computer. This will allow you to access your course resources, do research online, take notes in class, write papers, create and give presentations, communicate electronically with classmates, family and friends, and much more. It is up to you whether you select a Mac or Windows computer. You may want to contact some of the faculty in the department in which you intend to major to find out if there will be a preference in your courses.

A college campus is different from a home environment when it comes to technology. There are a lot more people with a lot more devices in close proximity. In order to make technology work for as many people and as many devices as possible, Carthage has established some rules and guidance that help everyone have a better experience using the network.

  • Equipment you should NOT bring to campus include:
    • Routers of any kind (wireless or wired) are expressly prohibited and violate the Carthage Community Code
    • Hubs and switches will also not work in residence halls and should not be brought to campus
    • Printers with wifi capabilities interfere with our campus network, so do not bring a wireless printer unless the wifi signal can be disabled and you can connect to it with a cord. They WILL NOT WORK WITH WIFI.
  • Equipment that is welcome and often brought to campus by students includes:
    • Laptop and desktop computers with wired or wireless connection
    • Tablets and hybrids such as iPad, Nexus, Kindle Fire, Surface, Chromebook
    • Smartphones, whether IOS (iPhone), Android, or Windows based
    • Gaming consoles or devices
    • TV-related devices such as Roku, Chromecast, Fire TV, Apple TV

Chromebooks, iPads, and Surface tablets

Library and Information Services strongly recommend that students come to campus with a laptop that runs either a Mac or Windows operating system. Chromebooks, Surface tablets, or iPads that run Android or iOS are typically unable to install programs or software required by the professor’s choice of textbook or other course-related software. If you want to utilize one of the above machines, a Surface PRO or Surface BOOK will run a full-featured operating system, therefore allowing software downloads of programs we frequently see on campus.

Connecting Your Device to the Network and Internet

Carthage provides wifi coverage to residence halls and most other campus locations. Wired ethernet connections are also provided in each room. 

Connecting using wireless (wifi)

To connect using wifi, look for the wireless network (SSID) Carthage-Open or Carthage-Secure. Both are safe and operate at the same speeds; Carthage-Secure offers an added layer of encryption, but isn’t always compatible with every device, so use whichever one works for you. There are no passwords for our network; however, once your device connects to the selected wireless network, it must be registered in order to work. Instructions for device registration are shown below.

Connecting through a wired connection (ethernet)

If you want a faster, more reliable connection, or if your device does not support wifi, there is one active ethernet jack in each residence hall room. Please look for the yellow jack or the one in the upper left-hand corner of your wall plate, depending on the location. Please provide your own ethernet cable as well as a USB to ethernet adapter if needed.

Registering Your Devices

When you arrive on campus each of your devices needs to be registered to connect to the Carthage network and the internet. How you register your device will depend on whether the device has a browser. In order to register, you must know your Carthage username and password. If you forgot your password, go to the Password Manager to reset it.

Registering devices WITH browsers

If your device has a built-in browser, first connect to wifi or a wired connection, then open your browser to any web address. You should be immediately sent to the registration page. Check the box to accept the “Acceptable Use Policy,” and then enter your Carthage username and password. Registrations are valid for 120 days. Once you have registered your device, you can use the internet on campus.

Registering devices WITHOUT browsers

If your device does not have a browser, you will need to register it manually using another computer or device that already has network access. If you are trying to connect a Chromecast please consult this guide. If you are still having trouble, please send an email to

  • Follow these steps:
    • Visit the Carthage Network Access form (
    • Read the “Acceptable Use Policy” and click the box next to “I accept the terms.”
    • Log in with your Carthage username and password
    • Click “Log in.”
    • On the next screen you will need to supply your MAC address and your device type. The MAC address needs to be entered in the following format: XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX. (Find the MAC address for your device)
    • Select your device type from the dropdown menu. If you do not see the appropriate device type choose “Other.”
    • Click “Register.” Registrations are valid for 120 days.
    • Restart the device you just registered.
    • You may check the status of your device registration here.

Guest Wifi Access

Sodexo, Security, Barnes & Noble

Employees that work on the Carthage campus but aren’t employed by the College may access the wifi network using Guest Access. If an employee of one of the above departments would like access to the wifi on a more permanent basis, they may request that through their supervisor. The employee’s supervisor should then contact Human Resources to talk about provisioning contract employees as Carthage employees.

Camp and Conference Guests

People visiting the Carthage campus for a fixed amount of time may connect to the wifi network using Guest Access. Users may request further services during a camp or conference (wifi or printing access) via Sam Craig, Assistant Manager of Campus Recreation, Director of TARC Operations, Director of Campus Recreation, at 

Users without an email address: You must sign in to the campus wifi as a guest user. Open a browser and follow the directions on the form to request guest wifi access on your personal device on campus. Consult this page for further information on connecting as a guest.

Please contact the Hedberg Library Information Desk (262-551-5950 or email if you need assistance.

Software and Hardware

Carthage recommends that every student use MS Office on their computer, and we require the use of anti-virus on any computer connected to the campus network. Other hardware and software may be useful for the courses you take. We provide some software at no cost, and there are sometimes educational discounts on software and hardware.

Please consult the Software & Resources page to discover what software is available.

Purchasing Hardware

Carthage has no specifically recommended brands or re-sellers, but discounts may be available through these links or vendors:

Help and Support for Your Devices

  • The Hedberg Library Information Desk will help with the following computer-related issues:
    • Connecting to the network or internet
    • Virus issues and our standard anti-virus software
    • Installation of our printer drivers and troubleshooting problems printing to or from our devices

We can recommend local repair providers for hardware related issues, but we do not diagnose hardware issues or perform hardware repairs.

Contact the Hedberg Library Information Desk ( or 262-551-5950.

  • Quick Facts

    • Carthage is named a Best Midwestern College by The Princeton Review (2019), a designation given to only 25 percent of four-year schools.

    • The Tower, Carthage’s newest residence hall, provides some of the best views on campus — if not in the Midwest! In addition to #carthageviews of the lake from seven stories up, residents enjoy suite-style living and two floors of shared campus spaces for gaming, cooking, group meetings, or quiet studying. Learn more about all housing options.

    • You’re going to need brain fuel. Grab a morning coffee and a snack and Starbucks or Einstein Bros. Bagels. Later, meet friends at “The Caf,” where the specials change daily but the staples are constant, or swing through “The Stu” for wings, a burrito, or a sub. A new option, Carthage Cash, even covers some off-campus meals.

    • More than 90% of Carthage alumni report that they have secured a job or are continuing their studies six months after graduation. Visit Career Services.

    • 91% of employers say critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving skills matter more than your major when it comes to career success. Learn more about how the liberal arts prepare you for a successful career.

    • Lots of schools wear the four-year label. Carthage stands behind it. More than 90% of Carthage graduates earn their degrees in four years. Learn more

    • Oscars. Emmys. Tonys. Golden Globes. The playwrights we’ve brought in have them. Each year, the Carthage Theatre Department commissions an original script by a renowned playwright for its New Play Initiative. Carthage students then work with the writer to stage it. 

    • Carthage has been named a top producer of Fulbright Fellows three years running. Read about Carthage Fulbright winners.

    • Things look new at Carthage because they are. Our science center, student union, athletic and recreation center, and numerous residence halls have all been constructed or newly renovated in the last 15 years.

    • Carthage offers majors, minors and concentrations in more than 50 areas of study, from archaeology to neuroscience, nursing to music theatre.

    • Our Summer Undergraduate Research Experience offers select students a research budget, one-on-one mentoring with a professor, and 10 weeks of analyzing, deciphering — and getting paid.

    • So the lake is kind of a focal point, but there’s a lot more to love about our campus — like the fact that our more than 80-acre campus is also an arboretum and wildlife sanctuary. Focused on keeping campus lush forever, we plant between 50 and 75 new trees every year from a variety of species.

    • Carthage was founded in 1847. That’s more than 170 years of leaders, makers, and go-getters going out and going forth. Read more about Carthage’s rich history.

    • More than 90 percent of students receive financial aid. Carthage awards more than $20 million in scholarship and grant assistance. That includes $5.5 million in competitive scholarships in business, mathematics, science, languages, the fine arts, leadership, and overall academic strength. Learn what’s available.

    • Abraham Lincoln was an early Trustee of the College, and U.S. Secretary of State John Hay was a Carthage alum. The two still have a proud place on our campus. Spend some time with them in our Sesquicentennial Plaza. On warm days you’ll find professors leading their classes here.

    • Come to Carthage; hear yourself think — think … think …
      Legend has it that Sesquicentennial Plaza holds a perfect echo. Just stand with both your feet on the “1847,” face Straz, and start talking. “You’re the only one who can hear you, but you’ll be crystal clear,” promises English and theatre alumna Mikaley Osley.

    • Our Great Lake provides Carthage students with some amazing views. Think classes on the beach, lake views from the lab, and sunrises from your dorm room. “I love waking up in the morning with the sun shining off the lake. Nothing compares to the view in the morning,” recalls biology and neuroscience major Ann O’Leary.

    • Carthage awards up to 35 Presidential Scholarships each year, which range from $20,000 up to full tuition. Learn more.

    • For a full decade, NASA has selected Carthage students to conduct research aboard its zero-gravity aircraft. Lately, the stakes have risen. A team of underclassmen is grinding to prepare a tiny but powerful Earth-imaging satellite for launch to the International Space Station. Learn more about the space sciences at Carthage

    • Carthage is the only college or university in the Midwest where every freshman takes a full-year sequence of foundational texts of the Western intellectual tradition. Learn about the Carthage core.

    • With a student-faculty ratio of 12:1, your professors will know who you are. They will also know who you want to be — and how to get you there. Meet our faculty.

    • There are more than 120 student organizations on campus, from Amnesty International to Fencing to Frisbee, Chem Club to Stand Up Comedy. See how easy it is to get involved.

    • True story: There are more than 27 art galleries, a dozen museums, and nine theatres within 25 miles of Carthage. Some highlights: The nationally recognized Racine Art Museum, the world-renowned Art Institute of Chicago, and the Milwaukee Art Museum. Learn more about our location.

    • What’s better than one professor? Two professors. What’s better than two professors? Two professors from totally different fields teaching a single class. There’s debate. Discussion. Differing perspectives. This is where the magic happens. That’s why every student takes a Carthage Symposium.

    • You can’t hide here — not with only 17 other students in the classroom with you. That’s going to be rough some mornings. But later, when you’re able to argue your point of view thoughtfully, express your opinions succinctly, and meet challenges head-on, without fear … Yep, you’ll thank us.

    • Carthage is ranked No. 5 in the country for student participation in short-term study abroad. Every J-Term, hundreds of students travel all over the world on faculty-led study tours. Imagine a month in Sweden, Rome, Cuba, Senegal, India, Japan …