Your Classes are just the Beginning

College is about more than books and exams. Be prepared to learn as much outside the classroom as you will in class. Here, you can find any activity on your bucket list. Get involved in a student organization, attend world-class concerts, cheer on national champions, sample all the drinks at Starbucks, play in the orchestra, paint Kissing Rock … the list goes on, and on, and on.


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Make Yourself at Home

Christine Barreca and Geovanni Virella-Torres in a Carthage Dance Show.

Carthage creative

Stretch your artistic talents on our stages or in our galleries. Enrich your college experience by attending more than 200 art and performance events held on campus each year.

Arts at Carthage

Get out and About

Within 25 miles of Carthage, there are 27 art galleries, 12 museums, 9 theatres, and 1 awesome pier to explore. The beauty of college? You get to make your own schedule, finding time between studying for doing fun activities and exploring your new home.

Things to do

Homecoming 2021 football game

Let’s Go, Firebirds!

More than a third of Carthage students compete in 28 varsity sports at Carthage, including lacrosse, water polo, and coed Esports. Our Men’s Volleyball team just brought home the 2021 NCAA D-III National Championship.

Athletics at Carthage

Carthage celebrated the Class of 2021 on Saturday, April 24 and Sunday, April 25, 2021.

Get ready for What’s Next

Your four years at Carthage will be amazing. But even as you experience all that Carthage has to offer students, you’ll also be preparing for a successful career and future. Carthage has a comprehensive four-year career preparation program for all students. Learn more about The Aspire Program and begin your journey to your future.

The Aspire Program