What should you bring to New Student Orientation? Make your orientation experience a smooth one by bringing along the following:

  • Your Student Identification Card. This ID will be required in order for you to start orientation. If you have misplaced your ID, don’t worry. We can make you a new one.
  • Your Virtual Check-In Sticker. Upon completion of online Check-In through the My.Carthage portal, you will receive a virtual check-in sticker that confirms you have completed all of the check-in requirements. Print/save this sticker and bring it to New Student Orientation for proof of completion. 
  • Consider bringing a dolly, cart, or wagon to assist you in moving items in and out of the facilities. Carthage does not have these available. 

Don’t forget …

You will need to do the following in order to receive your Virtual Check-in Sticker:

  • Submit your payment planning letter and ensure your funding is in place before New Student Orientation. You should have received your payment planning letter in May. Please complete and submit all necessary information online at My.Carthage.edu.
  • Your Medical Insurance Information. Make sure you fill out your medical forms online as soon as possible. Download the printable forms or complete the medical forms online. Please bring your health insurance information and card with you to New Student Orientation. 
  • Be sure you’ve taken steps to initiate your payment plan: Enroll in the monthly payment option with Heartland ECSI, get additional loans approved if applicable, and submit your payment. If you have questions about your billing statement or financial aid, contact your admissions representative.

Information for Residence Hall Move-in

All students living in residence halls will receive information about their specific arrival and move-in time. Make sure all of your boxes and belongings are labeled with your name, hall name, and room number (for example: John Smith MAD 123). 

A few reminders:

  • Labeling your stuff will prevent things from getting lost! For example: John Smith MAD 123
  • Consider bringing a dolly, cart, or wagon to assist you in moving items in and out of the facilities. Carthage does not have these available.
  • Students can bring two individuals with them to assist with move-in.

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