We know that career and life readiness develops beyond The Aspire Center which is why the MAP infuses the experiences across academic departments and campus-wide programs. Working together, we’re helping students understand the relationship between their desired majors, life goals, and the huge range of career opportunities that lay before them.

This page is a guide for faculty and staff seeking to integrate MAP into all aspects of work with students.

Would you like to include an event, activity, or experience in the MAP? Contact Becky Windberg at rwindberg@carthage.edu to discuss options that match your goals and interests.


Course Examples

You may already be doing MAP-related course projects and assignments. Below are examples and clear connections between already existing course assignments and projects. Feel free to use the language below within your course syllabi.

Creating a resume, cover letter, or professional online profiles

The Building Professional Documents Achievement takes students from brainstorming what goes into a resume to completion and review.

Completing an informational interview with someone in their desired field or industry

Informational Interviewing within the Making Connections Achievement.


MAP and the General Education Reflection Framework

As a core element of the proposed General Education Reflection Framework, the MAP serves as a repository for students to draw from when they are ready to develop professional portfolios. A developmental portfolio is a step between fully personal reflection and public expression demonstrated through professional portfolios, LinkedIn profiles, and other related tools.

The developmental portfolio captures students’ “best of” moments and connects those moments to identified competencies. The nine competencies infused within the MAP embed the institutional learning outcomes, The Aspire Center’s learning outcomes, and competencies supported by the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

Read descriptions of MAP competencies


Infusing MAP into Courses

There are many ways for individual faculty and departments to support students’ engagement with their MAP, and you can contact Becky Windberg at rwindberg@carthage.edu to discuss options that match your goals and interests or complete this form.


MAP in Action

Watch Laurie Jensen, program director for athletic training and assistant professor of exercise and sport science, as she shares her first impressions of MAP.