What is MAP (My Aspire Plan)?

The My Aspire Plan (MAP) powered by Suitable is your integrated 4-year career and life navigation tool which tracks, demonstrates, and makes meaning of your on- and off-campus experiences.

Where do I begin?

  • Download the Suitable app from any app store or to https://app.suitable.co.
  • Log in with your Carthage credentials.
  • Choose your own path by selecting an Achievement to begin or find experiences to explore through Activities.

Do I need to download the app?

If your phone memory is at capacity, no worries! You can still access your MAP via https://app.suitable.co. Downloading the app does get you access to helpful nudges and quick competitions. Say “see you later” to Candy Crush and “hello” to Suitable!

What are Achievements, Activities, Events, Competencies, and Levels?

  • Achievements = A designed pathway for you to develop skills and mindsets through specific activities, events, experiences, and reflections.
  • Activities = These can include on or off-campus experiences, videos, podcasts, course projects, and more!
  • Events = Attend events, programs, and experiences and scan a QR code to earn credit.
  • Competencies = Skills and mindsets that you develop through attending events, activities, and experiences. The MAP competencies align with the competencies future employers are looking for. Attending events is not as valuable if you are not learning. Connecting competencies help you determine and explain the value of different experiences.
  • Levels = Each activity or event is assigned a level depending on the depth of engagement

Why should I do MAP?

  • There’s saying you have communication skills and then there’s saying you have communication skills with clear examples of how you developed them! Your future employers want to know how you developed your skills and evidence that demonstrates your ability to use what you’ve learned. What experiences contributed to your personal and professional skill development? By regularly contributing to your MAP, you’ll have your experiences recorded and linked to key competencies employers seek.
  • Free perks! The more you do in your MAP, the more chances you have to earn swag and VIP experiences like early access to CAB’s Bingo.
  • Feel connected! Research has shown, the more you’re participating and involved in your college experience, the more likely you are to have stronger connections, higher grades, graduate faster, gain skills that pertain to employability, have a more satisfying college experience, and make more friends.