What’s next for members of the Carthage Class of 2024?

Our graduates always have big plans — many of which were in place well before their Commencement.

Below, meet members of the Class of 2024 who were hired for full-time positions before they even graduated.

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Hannah Kachur '24

Hannah Kachur ’24

Staff Associate 

Major: Accounting 
Next Step: Staff associate for the Real Estate and Construction tax team in Milwaukee, WI. 

“I am so excited to work for a great company and do a job I love.”

Magdalena Werger

Magdalena Werger ’24

Leadership Development 

Major: Public Relations
Next Step: Leadership Development Program for Ameriprise Financial in Minneapolis, MI.

“This position will give me the opportunity to become a fully licensed financial advisor.” 

Charles B. Smith

Charles B. Smith ’24

Graduate Student 

Majors: Marketing and Management
Next Step: Master of Science BDI at Carthage College. 

“Carthage helped me by providing hands-on, real-world experience in business classes.” 

Jana Ahlstrand

Jana Ahlstrand ’24

Graphic Designer 

Major: Graphic Design
Next Step: Graphic Designer for Kohls in Milwaukee, WI.

“Kohls is an amazing company to work for, and they treat their corporate workers very generously, which is all you can ask for as an employee.”

Maxwell Paul Krueger

Maxwell Krueger ’24

Outside Sales 

Majors: Marketing and Management
Next Step: Outside Sales at Uline.

“I’m excited to work with a company that does things the right way and treats their employees in the same manner.” 

Rosemary Ehle

Rosemary Ehle ’24


Major: Accounting
Next Step: Auditor for Deloitte in Milwaukee, WI. 

“I am most excited to continue my studies in accounting in a job format. Deloitte is going to be a great company to work for, and I am excited to live and work downtown Milwaukee.” 

Adam Moore

Adam Moore ’24

Graduate Student

Major: Communication
Next Step: Master of Science in Business at Carthage College.

“Completing my master’s at Carthage makes me feel like I’m going full circle in my education.” 

James Castro

James Castro ’24


Major: Nursing
Next Step: Emergency Department RN at Froedtert in Pleasant Prairie, WI. 

“As a former student nurse intern in the ED, I am eager to transition into my new role as an RN in this busy trauma II hospital.”

Carson Krenzke '24

Carson Krenzke ’24

Social Media Specialist 

Major: Marketing
Next Step: Social Media Specialist for Johnson Outdoors, Inc. in Racine, WI. 

“I am excited to apply my passion and interests in social media marketing to a brand and company whose products genuinely enhance the lives of thousands across the world by getting them outdoors.”

Sara Pena '24

Sarah Pena ’24

P.E./Health Teacher

Major: Exercise and Sports Science
Next Step: Physical and Health Education Teacher for Pearl City Jr/Sr High School in Pearl City, IL.

“I’m excited to teach something that I am passionate about to the next generation of students and advocate for the importance of physical and health education.”

Justin Santos

Justin Santos ’24

Teacher and Graduate Student

Major: Education
Next Step: 7th Grade Science Teacher at Beach Park Middle School District 3 in Beach Park, IL and Master of Education at Carthage.

“I am excited to be able to make a positive impact on students in diverse settings and actively contribute to the evolution of teacher training programs. I am eager to embark on this fulfilling journey and contribute meaningfully to the field of education.”

Kassia Schraufnagel

Kassia Schraufnagel ’24

Graduate Student

Major: Physics
Next Step: Graduate School at UW Madison, working toward a PhD in the Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics Department in the College of Engineering.

“Graduate school excites me because of the opportunity to learn more about plasma physics and fusion science.”

Nicole Biba

Nicole Biba ’24

Regional Field Director

Major: Political Science
Next Step: Regional Field Director of Southwestern Wisconsin for Blue Wave America.

“I’m really passionate about mobilizing voters so they understand how much power their voice/vote holds!”

Eryn Williams

Eryn Williams ’24


Major: Nursing
Next Step: Registered Nurse on the MedSurg Unit at Froedtert Pleasant Prairie Hospital in Pleasant Prairie, WI. 

“I am excited to be able to do more for my patients. I will be able to advocate for my patients and help to resolve the concerns they may have.” 

Brooke Westfall

Brooke Westfall ’24

Graduate Student

Major: Psychology
Next Step: Graduate School at Marquette University, Clinical Mental Health Program with a specialty in Child and Adolescents.

“I am excited to be able to continue my path to becoming a therapist!”

Julia Radtke

Julia Radtke ’24

Graduate Student

Majors: Physics and Chemistry 
Next Step: Graduate School at Wake Forest University in the Condensed Matter Physics Ph.D. Program. 

“I’m extremely passionate about academics and research, so I believe that a Ph.D. program is a good choice for me.”

Alison LaBerge

Alison LaBerge ’24

Graduate Student

Majors: Marketing, Management, and Accounting
Next Step: Graduate School at Carthage College in the Business Design and Innovation Program.

“I am excited to be able to pursue further education while also being able to simultaneously pursue a career and my CMA at the same time.”

Jake Kryger

Jake Kryger ’24

Domestic Abuse Advocate

Major: Psychology 
Next Step: Domestic Abuse Advocate at A Safe Place in Zion, IL. 

“My experiences at Carthage taught me to be confident in myself and the importance of networking, which allowed me to get this job and will help me do my best at it.”

Daniel Timothy Lenzi

DanieL Lenzi ’24

Graduate Student

Majors: History and Political Science
Next Step: Graduate School at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in the Library and Information Science Master’s Program. 

“I am very excited to further my education and gain the skills necessary to become a professional librarian and archivist, along with getting to meet new people and enjoy new experiences.”

Alivia St. Clair

Alivia St. Clair ’24

Graduate Student

Major: Criminal Justice 
Next Step: Graduate School at Aurora University in the Master’s of Criminal Justice with an emphasis in Psychology and the Law. 

“I am excited to develop and learn more skills towards a career in law enforcement!”

Natsumi Suzuki

Natsumi Suzuki ’24

Graduate Student

Major: Master of Education
Next Step: Graduate School at Purdue University in the Master of Japanese Language Pedagogy Program. 

“I’m really looking forward to learning about Japanese Language Pedagogy with the guidance of professionals.” 

Nina Alfano

Nina Alfano ’24

Graduate Student

Major: Sociology 
Next Step: Graduate School at University of Urbana-Champaign in the Sociology PhD Program.

“I cannot wait to be able to complete my research!” 

Ayanna Crenshaw

Ayanna Crenshaw ’24

Milwaukee Brewers law clerk/Law Student

Major: Marketing
Next Step: Milwaukee Brewers Law Clerk, Doctorate focused on Sports Law.

“I’m thrilled about attending law school and working as a law clerk with the Milwaukee Brewers.”

Kyla Grismer

Kyla Grismer ’24

Graduate Student

Major: Political Science
Next Step: Graduate School at Northern Illinois University in the Law Program.

“I am very excited to continue my education in an area that I am passionate about.”

Keegan Brumitt

Keegan Brumitt ’24

Graduate Student

Majors: Finance, Marketing, and Management
Next Step: Graduate School at North Dakota State University in the Business Administration Master’s Program, GA for the Women’s Volleyball Team. 

“I’m excited to further my education within the business world while also gaining coaching experience under elite coaches.”


Ava Serfling Bennett

Ava Serfling Bennett ’24

Graduate Student

Major: History
Next Step: Graduate School at University of Aberdeen in the Literature in Folklore and Ethnology Master’s Program.

“It makes me so happy that I may be involved in reconnecting people with their history and stories.” 

Jillian Hiatt

Jillian Hiatt ’24

Graduate Student

Major: Biology, Pre-Occupational Therapy
Next Step: Graduate School at Indiana University in the Occupational Therapy Doctoral Program.

“I’m excited to learn and grown within the field of occupational therapy in a big city with lots of hospitals, clinics, volunteering organizations, and more!”

Rachel Argiris

Rachel Argiris ’24


Major: Nursing
Next Step: Cardiac/Advanced Heart Failure Stepdown Nurse at Advocate Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center in Milwaukee, WI. 

“I’ve worked so hard to get to this point and cannot wait to start the next chapter of my journey and continue my learning in the nursing field.”

Andrew Johnson

Andrew Johnson ’24

Graduate Student

Majors: Marketing and Management
Next Step: Graduate School at Carthage College in the Business Design and Innovation Program.

“I am excited to better myself and learn more skills toward a degree in marketing.”

Travis Zdanowski

Travis Zdanowski ’24

Graduate Student

Major: Athletic Administration
Next Step: Graduate School at Michigan State University in the Sports Coaching, Leadership, and Administration Master’s Program.

“I am excited about the prospect of growing my professional capabilities and network while working towards a job within college basketball.”

Katherine Taylor Retek

Katherine Taylor Retek ’24


Major: Political Science, American Government Concentration
Next Step: Internship at the Clerk’s Financial Office in the Kenosha County Courthouse.

“I am truly grateful for all of the memories that I have experienced here and will miss being a part of such a wonderful Political Science Department.”

Payton Lefevre

Payton Lefevre ’24

Jr. Financial Analyst

Major: Finance
Next Step: Jr. Financial Analyst at Abbott Laboratories in Lake Forest, IL. 

“I am excited because there is a lot of growth opportunity and diversity at Abbott.”

Emma Betker

Emma Betker ’24

Wholesale Analyst

Majors: Marketing and Management
Next Step: Wholesale Analyst at Jockey International in Kenosha, WI. 

“I am excited to work at a company that has such amazing goals and priorities that I can’t help but love the company and wish to support their future growth and commitment to communities.”

Dan Staicu

Dan Staicu ’24

Sales representative

Major: Communication
Next Step: Sales Representative at Pfizer in Lake Forest, IL. 

“I am excited that I can graduate and hopefully work in an environment that’s more welcoming and inclusive, and just mainly being able to travel to certain locations.”

Brandon Burries

Brandon Burries ’24

Special Education Teacher/Case Manager

Major: Master of Education
Next Step: 8th Grade Special Education Teacher and Case Manager at Bullen Middle School in Kenosha, WI. 

“I am most excited about the growth of my students academically and socially.”

Nikkiema Harris

Nikkiema Harris ’24

Graduate Student

Major: English, Creative Writing Concentration
Next Step: Graduate School at Freed-Hardeman University in the Arts in Pastoral Care and Counseling Master’s Program.

“Going into this profession, I will learn how to approach other people’s circumstances from a religious perspective, ensuring the biblical integration method.”

Hector Gerardo Arellano Martinez

HectoR Martinez ’24

Tax Accountant

Major: Accounting
Next Step: Tax Accountant for Plante Moran in Chicago, IL. 

“I’m ready and excited to start this new phase in my life; this was only a dream a few years ago, but today is a reality.”

Kaitlyn Rose Prokup

Kaitlyn Rose Prokup ’24

Graduate Student

Major: Physics 
Next Step: Graduate School at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in the Physics PhD Program.

“I’m looking forward to the potential prospect of working with the Yunes Gravity Theory Group to conduct relativity research!”

Luke S. Ehlert

Luke Ehlert ’24

Graduate Student

Majors: Neuroscience and Psychology
Next Step: Graduate School at Medical College of Wisconsin in the Neuroscience Doctoral Ph.D. Program.

“I’m excited to pursue research questions of my choice that can hopefully be translated to directly impact individual’s lives.”

Sydney Olszewski

Sydney Olszewski ’24

Software Developer

Major: Computer Science
Next Step: Software Developer at Equity Creative in Kenosha, WI. 

“I am most excited to venture into the creative world of web-development and learn more about the various intricacies that makes the internet function.”

Brett Lynn VanDeWostine

Brett VanDeWostine ’24


Major: Mathematics
Next Step: High School Mathematics Teacher for Kewanee High School in Kewanee, IL. 

“I cannot wait to meet and work with the amazing students and staff in Kewanee.”

Alexander Gern

Alexander Gern ’24

Graduate Student

Major: Psychology 
Next Step: Graduate School at Carthage College in the Business Design and Innovation Program.

“I am excited to be learning more about how businesses flourish and expanding my connections.”

Aubrey Schoeneman

Aubrey Schoeneman ’24

Graduate Student

Majors: Special and Elementary Education
Next Step: Graduate School at Kent State University in the Special Education Master’s Degree (M.Ed. program).

“I’m super excited to further my learning and education in an area I am passionate about and to have the opportunity to continue my athletic career on the women’s track and field team in the throws.” 

Garrett B. Warner

Garrett B. Warner ’24


Major: Nursing
Next Step: Nurse for the Surgical Trauma Intensive Care Unit at Ascension Borgess Medical Center in Kalamazoo, MI. 

“I’m thrilled to embark on my first nursing job, armed with the knowledge and skills acquired through my Carthage education.”

Joshua Edwin Gehner

Joshua Gehner ’24

Junior Financial Analyst

Major: Finance
Next Step: Junior Financial Analyst for Abbott Laboratories in Abbott Park, IL. 

“I’m most excited to apply my in class learning in the world of Finance!”

Sarah Clark

Sarah Clark ’24


Major: Elementary Education and Cross-Categorical Special Education
Next Step: 3rd Grade Elementary School Teacher for Woods Creek Elementary School in Crystal Lake, IL. 

“I’m so excited to have my own classroom and make an impact on young learners!”

Lauren Hackeloer

Lauren Hackeloer ’24


Major: Nursing
Next Step: Nurse for the Acute Medical Unit at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, IL. 

“I am so passionate about the care of pediatric patients and am ready to be the best nurse for my patients and their families.”

Guillermo Anaya

Guillermo Anaya ’24

Tax Associate

Major: Accounting
Next Step: Tax Associate for Plante Moran in Schaumburg, IL. 

“I am eager and excited to tackle new challenges and achieve even more milestones.”

Sarah Kerfin

Sarah Kerfin ’24

Graduate Student

Majors: Marketing and Management 
Next Step: Graduate School at Carthage College in the Science in Business-Sports Management Master’s Program. 

“I am most excited to expand my knowledge in the sports world by using my past knowledge.”

Congratulations to all our graduates!

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