Internships are just one way to gain experience.

At Carthage, you’ll do so much more! Gaining experience starts from your first days on campus, when you are exploring student organizations to join, discovering community service opportunities, participating in vocational exploration, and getting an on-campus job! At Carthage, you will take engaging classes and find many ways to build your skills as a professional, as a leader, and as a creator.


Carthage is based in Kenosha, Wisconsin, the mid-point of the Chicago-Milwaukee corridor. This gives students access to a cross-section of industries and organization types year-round. Our location allows students to integrate internships into their experience during fall, spring, J-Term, or summer — not just in the summer!

The pandemic had forced many internships to occur online initially. While some organizations are returning to in-person internships, plenty continue to offer remote internships. Remote internships provide opportunities for practicing new professionalism skills and can make gaining experience even easier to fit into your busy student schedule.

  • Idealist: Explore national remote internship opportunities still available.
  • CovIntern: Get connected with remote internships at top startups and companies.
Want to swap a traditional course for an internship? You can earn course credit for eligible internships and gain additional supervision from a faculty supervisor! Internship for Credit Guidelines.

Research and Fellowships help students to develop many competencies such as critical thinking and communication. The initiative, resilience, and creative skills developed through research support students’ evolution as leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs. Access to prestigious skill-building opportunities engages students in the skills to create new knowledge, a critical capability in a changing world. These opportunities exist on and off-campus, starting as early as a student’s first year.

  • All Carthage students can gain research experience — not just a small subset. Some through specialized research programs, like SURE, others through integrated course-based opportunities and a variety of independent study experiences.
  • Learn what fellowships are, their transformative power, and how to apply by reading stories of students and graduates who’ve completed them.
  • Carthage has been recognized as one of the top Fulbright-producing institutions in the United States — the only institution in Wisconsin to make the list.

Even with as much as Carthage has to offer, there’s more to explore in the world, and we’re here to help. Carthage is ranked No. 5 in the country for student participation in short-term study abroad!

Learn about J-Term

Visit the Study Abroad site

At Carthage, alongside the many guided learning opportunities students access, they can also build their own! The My Aspire Plan (MAP) provides self-directed micro-learning experiences related to some of the most common skills all students will need to develop. Students’ career plans and goals will likely require gaining additional experience.

Here are a few ways beyond MAP that students can design their own learning experiences:

  • Carthage subscribes to LinkedIn Learning, a well-respected resource with online instruction covering a range of topics from programming and design to business basics. To access LinkedIn Learning, navigate to Click “Sign in” at the upper right. Don’t log in on that screen! Under the log-in window, click “Sign in with your organization account.” Type your Carthage email address and click “Continue.” Enter your Carthage credentials (use your entire Carthage email address) in the next log-in box.
  • Carthage also subscribes to Firsthand, which equalizes access to valuable career insights, expert advice, and connections to help you navigate career exploration from a position of strength, knowledge, and assurance. Learn about preparing for a variety of careers – from how to network to what insiders know about industries and roles.
  • Big Interview is a resource for practicing industry-specific interviews through guided video/text prompts and optional recordings. You can practice, receive tips for how to improve, and share your sessions for additional feedback.
  • Take career exploration into your own hands by utilizing PathwayU to evaluate your interests, values, personality, and workplace preferences. PathwayU also connects you to jobs in Handshake that align with your results.
  • Teach yourself how to use software that you anticipate using in internships or a future job - Access software for free or reduced rates through Carthage as a student.


Whether it’s leading a professionally-focused group, social organization, or another org, the skills needed for mobilizing others will help you to succeed after graduation.

  • With more than 130 student organizations on campus, students can join a number of groups, get to know peers, and serve in leadership roles. Learn more about Carthage’s student organizations on The Harbor.
  • Some academic and administrative committees on-campus welcome students to represent their perspectives.


  • Local organizations seek students for service and leadership.
  • Start by finding volunteer opportunities on Handshake, identifying service-focused student organizations, and consulting with staff in the Office of Student Involvement.
  • Carthage’s location provides easy access to local and regional chapters of national professional associations, allowing students to gain access to resources and events to advance learning and leadership.
  • Share your interests in continued growth with staff at the site - some organizations even have student volunteer supervisors and board members.

Read more about Leadership Opportunities