New in Fall 2020, Carthage’s Intercultural Center for Equity, Advocacy, and Engagement serves as the hub for inclusive campus programming related to equity and inclusion. It is a space for students to gather and is intended to facilitate a welcoming, inclusive campus for all.

The Intercultural Center partners with community social justice organizations in Racine and Kenosha to form strong coalitions and support networks for students, faculty, and staff. The Center also works to deliver collaborative programming and training, such as SafeZone training and anti-racism training to enhance our learning.

The Intercultural Center’s signature programs include:

  • Events to celebrate national heritage and history months, including Hispanic Heritage Month, LGBT+ History Month, and Native American History Month. These events are designed to amplify diverse and underrepresented viewpoints.
  • The “Building Beloved Community” anti-hate training series, which borrows its name and spirit from a quote by the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., calling for all to employ love to combat hate.
  • The Java and Justice podcast-style interview program, which features weekly guests from diverse backgrounds who speak to our community about their inspiring work.

Contact the Intercultural Center

Professor Michele Hancock
Vice President of College Culture for Inclusion
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