Shining a Light on Black History: 2023 Online Learning Experience

Black History Month commemorates the contributions and achievements of African-Americans in United States history.

Black History is an integral part of U.S. history. The challenge remains to share an accurate account of African-Americans’ struggles, achievements, and contributions within the education system and American society. We can advance to include a precise accounting of diverse peoples’ histories integrated year-long within educational curricula.

Dr. Carter Godwin Woodson Dr. Carter Godwin Woodson However, until then, Black History Month and other months dedicated to highlighting the significant and impactful contributions of diverse groups of people need to remain a focus. As the song goes, “One day when the glory comes… it will be ours,” and we shall see the relevance of Black History as everyone’s history!

Dr. Carter Godwin Woodson (Dec. 29, 1875-April 3, 1950) was an author, historian, journalist, and originator of the Association for the Study of African-American Life and History. He is known as the “Father of Black History” due to his tireless scholarly work in the field of Black studies and his influential book, “The Mis-Education of the Negro.”

Watch this video to learn more about Dr. Woodson’s legacy

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Celebrating Black History Month: Schedule of Events

Wednesday, Feb. 8

Black Student Union and the Engagement and Inclusion Center Caf Celebration

4:30-7:30 p.m., The Caf
The Black Student Union and the Engagement and Inclusion Center Caf Celebration will be a school-wide event in which the cafeteria will serve a curated selection of food to celebrate Black History Month. This includes three entrees and many sides, something available for everyone to enjoy!

Thursday, Feb. 16

Films with a Purpose

5 p.m., Engagement & Inclusion Center, Todd Wehr Center
Films with a Purpose is an event held for all students — an opportunity to both entertain and educate students on events from the past, present, and future. Using the power of cinema, these films are specially picked by our students with the purpose of bringing everyone together to learn about important issues and values that are important to all students.

Saturday, Feb. 18

Black Alumni vs. BSU Basketball Game

6-8 p.m., the Tarc
Bringing our current students and alumni together through sports, the Black Alumni vs. BSU Basketball Game is an event that brings the present and future together in light-hearted fun.

Wednesday, Feb. 22

BSU & EIC Trivia Night

6-8 p.m., Todd Wehr Center 128s
Trivia Night is a night full of fun and Black History Month Facts, also “Guess the Song” and other games! Hosted by BSU and the EIC, come to have some snacks, learn something new, and have a great time.

Thursday, Feb. 23

Faculty panel discussion “Policing Decriminalization”

11:30 a.m., Todd Wehr Center 128s
Both the origination and regulation of criminal activity are born of necessity. When persons cannot access and societies cannot provide basic goods, deviance and discrimination recur. Americans blame cultures or the legal system and thereby disassociate crime from communities. Because crime occurs locally and cultures are not more or less criminal, laws are changing. Carthage College is situated in a “Summer of 2020” town between cities that are lionizing and litigating activities which were once cultural pathologies or criminal. Faculty will discuss what’s at stake legally and socially in urban and rural areas where decriminalization is being policed by stakeholders whose commitments to local communities merit criticism.

Friday, Feb. 24

Night of Praise

7 p.m., Ehrler Chapel, A. F. Siebert Chapel
The Office of Equity and Inclusion is proud to present “A Night Of Praise,” a Gospel Music Extravaganza, welcoming Greater Grace Temple Church (Racine) and Journey Church (Kenosha).

Saturday, Feb. 25

BSU Black Gala

5:30-9 p.m., Todd Wehr Center Jockey Rooms
BSU proudly presents the first ever “The Black Gala” in honor of Black History Month! This event serves as a program to celebrate Black History Month and celebrate BSU’s accomplishments this year. This is a black tie attire event.

Tuesday, Feb. 28

Volunteer at the Shalom Center Soup Kitchen

4:30 p.m., Shalom Center, 4314 39th Ave, Kenosha, WI 53144
The Office of Engagement and Inclusion is volunteering at the Shalom Center Soup Kitchen to involve students in the community and helping those in need. Working with the food pantry in the past, the Soup Kitchen at the Shalom Center will be a hands-on environment where volunteers will help serve and prepare meals.

Tuesday, Feb. 28

Films with a Purpose: The Loyola Project

7 p.m., Cambell Student Union Auditorium
Films with a Purpose is an event held for all students — an opportunity to both entertain and educate students on events from the past, present, and future. The Loyola Project is a film that documents the 1963 Loyola Ramblers men’s basketball team and the racial barriers they broke at the height of the Civil Rights Movement.

Learn more about Black History Month!

In honor of African-Americans’ struggles, achievements, and contributions in U.S. history, Carthage is shining a light through an online learning experience of educational websites, podcasts, virtual tours, and trivia games based on different African-American themes each week during February.

  • Feb. 1-7: Explore — Learn about history by virtually exploring African American museums.
  • Feb. 8-14: Immerse Yourself — Immerse yourself in African-American creative expression through art, music, dance, poetry, plays, photography, and more.
  • Feb. 15 -21: Discover — See the advancements African American inventors and innovators made through their discoveries and inventions.
  • Feb. 22-28: Study — Study anti-racism influencers, abolitionists, and activists.

Jojin Van Winkle Professor Jojin Van Winkle discusses the impact and contributions Black Americans have made to the arts.

Watch Prof. Van Winkle’s video

Immerse yourself in African-American Creative Expressions

Cinema & Videos
Culinary Arts

Jerald Mast Professor Jerald Mast talks about the history of African-American enfranchisement from the United States’ founding to the present day.

Watch Prof. Mast’s video

Learn more about the Abolitionists & Activists who’ve made a difference


Anti-Racism Books & Resources at Hedberg Library

Carol Sabbar, director of library and instructional technology services, explains the importance of reading about anti-racism and shares books and other resources for you to use to learn more. 

Watch Carol’s video

Watch: Carthage Students share what Black History Month means to them

Carthage students share what Black History Month means to them in a series of videos. 

Watch their videos

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