Carthage strives to provide a welcoming environment for all who enroll, including students with military affiliation — those who have served their country or are preparing to serve, or those who are currently serving in the active force, National Guard, or Reserves, as well as their dependents.


What is Carthage’s Green Zone Initiative?

We recognize that many military-affiliated students may not fit the profile of the “traditional student.” Many veteran students are older and have children, or work as well as attend school. In order to better understand and serve these students, Carthage has initiated a Green Zone Training Initiative for its faculty and staff. Green Zone Training will begin in fall 2020.

Professors Martin McClendon and Becki Hornung are collaborating with current and former Carthage students and other experts in the area of educating military-affiliated students to create the Green Zone curriculum.


Green Zone Training Goals

  • To expand the number of faculty and staff who can serve as resources and mentors to military-affiliated students
  • To educate participants on issues, concerns, and resources for military-affiliated students

Topics of discussion will include:

  • Working with military-affiliated students to allow for flexible scheduling around deployments and VA appointments.
  • Harnessing the strengths of veteran students in the classroom
  • Better preparing military-affiliated students for their transition into work and career search

Upon completion of the training, our Carthage “military allies” will receive a Green Zone placard to place in their office windows, identifying them as someone willing and eager to interact with and help direct military-affiliated students to needed resources.

Learn more

For more information about our Green Zone Training Initiative, contact our Green Zone Training coordinators:

Martin Mcclendon
Prof. Martin McClendon

Professor of Theatre
Member, Equity and Inclusion Committee
Member, Military Service Support Initiative

Rebecca Hornung
Prof. Becki Hornung

Associate Professor of Social Work
Member, Equity and Inclusion Committee
Member, Military Service Support Initiative


Additional Resources for Veterans

Carthage’s Green Zone Initiative is made possible through the generosity of the William Dean Charitable Foundation.