Carthage offers organizations focused on diversity and equity that represent disadvantaged social identities like race, class, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, nationality, and ability. To learn more about Carthage’s student organizations, visit The Harbor, Carthage’s online involvement platform. 

The Special Olympics Club

The Special Olympics Club advocates for people on campus with disabilities by holding events and partnering with other groups both on and off campus to support the community of people with disabilities. The organization’s largest event is the Special Olympics basketball game. 

Students at a booth for the Black Student Union Black Student Union (BSU)

BSU provides leadership opportunities for its members, sponsors activities that furnish social and academic enrichment for black students, and works to strengthen the image of black students in the Carthage community. BSU aims to build respect and tolerance between all races and foster a unified bond between all students. The group is open to all interested students.

International Friendship Society (IFS)

The International Friendship Society is a group of students on campus who come together to bring awareness to the Carthage community about other cultures in the form of food, dance, music, and more. IFS also organizes the Annual International Dinner, which raises money for an elected non-profit organization.

LGBT Student Association

The LGBT Student Association is a student-run group that is focused on educational events, social gatherings, and advocacy surrounding LGBTQIA+ issues. Meetings are held every week and switch each week between social events and educational conversations. Events are also held each semester for the larger Carthage community to engage in education on the LGBTQIA+ Community.”

Students in the organization Mi Gente walk in the Homecoming Parade. Mi Gente

Founded in 1999, Mi Gente educates club members about Hispanic culture: historical events, lifestyles, traditions, religions, and customs. The group discusses current events that affect Hispanics, promotes the Hispanic culture at Carthage and in the surrounding community, and provides a support system for club members. Mi Gente encourages members to perform voluntary community service to increase Hispanic families’ awareness of programs at Carthage while increasing the value that these families place on education. The group motivates and develops the self-esteem of its members through their involvement in the organization’s activities and advocates for the advancement of Hispanics in the United States.

Students Against Sexism in Society (S.A.S.S.)

S.A.S.S. facilitates discussion and support for gender equality. It educates the community about the principles of feminism through entertaining activities.

United Women of Color (UWC)

United Women of Color provides leadership opportunities, hosts activities to enrich its members socially and academically, strengthens the image of minority women in the Carthage community, and works to build respect and tolerance between all students. Membership is open to all students.

Asian Pacific American Coalition of Carthage (APACC)

APACC is all about promoting, celebrating, and educating the Carthage and greater Kenosha communities about Asian and Pacific Islander culture. Meetings include activities, presentations, and events with an aim to help people learn more about culture in the Asian continent and feel more comfortable with different ways of life and perspectives.

Pagan Forum

Pagan Forum gives those interested or involved in any Pagan faith a safe and comfortable location to discuss their practices, experiences, and questions. The organization also welcomes other, non-Pagan members to help inform and educate those who are curious or otherwise interested in Pagan faiths. Pagan Forum attempts to clear up misconceptions regarding those who practice Paganism and help spread knowledge and awareness about these religions.

Jewish Awareness Association

Jewish Awareness Association isn’t just for people with Jewish backgrounds. It is open to everyone who wishes to learn about a religion and culture that has had a tremendous impact on the world. The organization discusses Jewish history, culture, tradition, values, religion, and current events. One of the goals of this organization is to dispel current myths about Judaism through the exploration of stereotypes, prejudices, and bias, and through comparisons with other established religions.

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