The Center for Faith and Spirituality is committed to interfaith work. Our Lutheran identity is one that calls us to love God and to love our neighbors. Everyone is our neighbor and our work is to find common ground for the sake of creating a peace-filled world.

Interfaith Lunch

Thursdays, 11:45-12:15 p.m., Ehrler Hospitality Center, A. F. Siebert Chapel

Every Thursday, students, faculty, and staff are invited to lunch and to learn about different faith traditions, specific traditions, and rituals that are important to faith and non-faith communities in order to be in conversation with each other about matters of ultimate concern and to find our shared values. Contact Cal McCormick at or Serena Richardson at for more info.

Student Organizations

Better Together Interfaith Movement intends to promote diversity of all faiths, beliefs, religions, and spiritualities, both secular and nonsecular on campus. This is done through dialogue on coexistence and diversity, trying to educate students on all these different faiths. Through this dialogue, we hope to combat inequalities of all kinds.

Interfaith Speaker Series

Since 2016, we have been intentional about lifting up voices from different faith communities. Interfaith speakers have included:

  • 2020 — Rev. Dr. Eric Law (postponed due to COVID-19)
  • 2019 — Dr. Rahuldeep Gill
  • 2018 — Dr. William Cavanaugh
  • 2017 — Dr. Eboo Patel
  • 2016 — Dr. Amy Jill Levine

We continue to be committed to this work and look forward to inviting other scholars to Carthage in the future.