Rooted in our Lutheran identity and seeing the world through the idea of Grace, at Carthage College we welcome everyone on campus to engage in meaningful dialogue, especially those whose story is different from the one you know.

It’s good for us to remember our Lutheran roots. The desire for higher education in a faith-based tradition that wanted to ask big questions is the reason Carthage came to be in 1847.

And it is because we are Lutheran that we continue to be a strong institution of higher education, one that wants to help our students ask the big questions and to root them in their own understandings of the diverse faith and non-faith traditions that make up our student body, faculty, and staff.

Radical Hospitality means having a respectful conversation with someone from a different religious background, or race, or gender identity with an open heart and mind. Radical Hospitality is not easy but is worth the struggle every time.

Each person is giving gifts to be cultivated and shared with the world for the sake of making the world a better place for everyone. One of the goals of a Carthage College education is to help our students start to discover what they are passionate about.