Carthage is preparing for a fully in-person student experience for the 2021-22 academic year. Undergraduate and most graduate-level classes will be in person beginning in Fall 2021. A few non-traditional programs will make use of online and remote teaching and learning. Students will not have the option to apply for or arrange a fully remote semester.

Student Accommodations

The campus is looking forward to coming back together this fall semester. As such, there will not be the option to apply for a fully remote semester. Students who may have health-related circumstances that would require modifications will be able to apply for accommodations under the American Disability Act (ADA).

Learn more about applying for ADA accommodations

Individuals who believe they may need accommodations this fall should contact Diane Schowalter, director of Learning Accessibility Services, at

Students may also experience short-term absences from the classroom due to a variety of reasons including medical issues that may arise. As in past semesters, the Health and Counseling Center will coordinate official out-of-class notices for students who have been absent for three or more consecutive days. Students need to complete a Release of Information form (ROI) and provide medical documentation to the Health and Counseling Center. Due to confidentiality, the Health and Counseling Center cannot contact any professors or staff members until an ROI is completed.

Students who have been absent from class for one or two days should directly notify their professors if their illness interferes with their academic work and determine what their responsibilities are.

Academic Calendar

Carthage will return to our traditional academic calendar format with a 15-week fall term, a 4-week session in the month of January, and a 15-week spring term.

See the 2021-22 academic calendar

J-Term 2022: International Travel

Carthage cannot anticipate when or which airlines or countries may require proof of COVID-19 vaccination to allow travel or entry, and some hotels, museums, restaurants, theaters, and other venues may require proof of a COVID vaccine. For these reasons, the College has made the decision to require, without exception, all students, faculty, and community members who are participating in an international J-Term study tour to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 prior to departing campus.

All travelers will need to provide proof of vaccination in advance, and a copy will be stored online by the Office of Education Abroad. Additionally, in order to minimize the risk of participation in events while on the program or disruption to or interruption of travel, all travelers must plan to carry proof of vaccination with them at all times while off campus.