Any student, faculty, or staff member who has concerns about gender discrimination, including any concerns pertaining to sexual violence, is encouraged to contact Carthage’s Title IX Coordinator.

Carthage’s Title IX Coordinator provides information, guidance, and other resources to address sexual violence and gender discrimination. A Title IX Coordinator can discuss a community member’s general concerns, respond to a report of sexual violence, or answer questions about the disciplinary process for sexual violence.

Carthage also designates three other individuals to assist/support the Title IX coordinator in his/her work to fulfill compliance efforts. Those designees are listed below.

Any one of the following individuals can be chosen to discuss any concerns or to create a report. You may also choose to speak to a confidential resource.

Title IX Coordinator

Abigail Hanna Abigail Hanna
Vice President for Administrative Planning and Innovation
Lentz Hall 403


Title IX Coordinator Designees

for resources

Joseph Towey
Student Success Advisor
Todd Wehr Center 115


Megan Jones
Head Women’s Basketball Coach
TARC 2075


Chris Grugel
Instructional Services Supervisor
Hedberg Library Room 212


When to Contact a Coordinator

Carthage encourages any student, faculty, or staff member who has concerns about sex discrimination or sexual violence to seek the assistance of a Title IX coordinator.

Applicants for admission are also encouraged to contact our coordinators in the event they have additional questions.

Reasons to contact a Title IX Coordinator:

  • You may have encountered sex discrimination or sexual violence.
  • You learn of a situation that you feel may warrant an investigation.
  • You need assistance on how to handle a situation by which you are indirectly affected.
  • You are seeking guidance on possible informal remedies or administrative measures to de-escalate or alleviate a difficult situation.
  • You have questions about Carthage’s policies and procedures.

Title IX Coordinators can also facilitate a report under the Sexual Misconduct Policy or assist in contacting the Kenosha Police Department.

Download the Carthage Title IX Process


Carthage is committed to maintaining the privacy of everyone involved in a report of sexual violence. In every investigation, hearing, and appeal, Carthage will make every effort to protect the privacy of the parties while balancing the need to investigate the alleged sexual violence. Such balancing is essential to protecting the victim, the accused, and the community and to maintaining an environment free from sexual violence.

Information related to a report of sexual violence will be shared only with those Carthage employees who are involved with the investigation, hearing, or appeal. All Carthage employees who are involved in these processes have received training regarding the safeguarding of private information. Carthage will not release information about an investigation, hearing, or appeal except as required or permitted by law or Carthage policy.

More details on the confidentiality of the victim and the accused can be found in the Sexual Misconduct Policy in the Community Code.