There are multiple resources available for students in both local and national levels. Below are some of the provided links to assist our students, faculty, and staff with their questions.

You may speak confidentially to the following people about your experiences or concerns regarding sexual misconduct. These individuals are under no obligation to share your personal information with the Title IX Coordinators or the Office of Student Life. A Title IX response will not be prompted if you speak with a confidential resource.

On-Campus Sexual Assault Advocate

Health and Counseling Center
Todd Wehr Center


Office of Public Safety — 262-551-5911


Carthage’s Health and Counseling Center — 262-551-5710

Office of Student Life
Todd Wehr Center

Office of Public Safety
H. F. Johnson Residence Hall

Center for Faith and Spirituality
A. F. Siebert Chapel

Sexual Assault Nurse Examination Services

S.A.N.E. services are provided at Aurora Medical Center — Kenosha.

Aurora Medical Center — Kenosha
10400 75th Street
Kenosha, WI 53142
262-948-5640 (24 hours a day)

Specially trained registered nurses can provide forensic evaluations and emotional support. These services can be invaluable in the collection of evidence that may be useful in court. They also can assist in reporting to local law enforcement. See more information on the Aurora website

Women and Children’s Horizons

24-Hour Crisis Line: 800-853-3503
Provides support, education, training, and healing to victims of sexual and domestic violence and abuse.

Gwen Fayne, On-Campus Liason
Local: 262-652-9900
2525 63rd Street
Kenosha, WI 53143

In An Emergency

Kenosha Police Department — 911
Kenosha Police Department (Non-emergency Line) — 262-656-1234
Women and Children’s Horizons Crisis Line — 800-853-3503

Immediate Health Needs

Aurora Medical Center (S.A.N.E. Location) — 262-948-5690
Froedtert Pleasant Prairie — 262-577-8000