Madrigrano Family Residence Hall is a traditional, co-ed hall that is named in honor of the contributions to the Kenosha community by the Madrigrano family.

Madrigrano Hall is comprised of standard double rooms and a few single rooms that form eight communities. A number of Madrigrano rooms offer stunning lake views and others offer great views of campus.

Madrigrano Hall is overseen by the area coordinator for The Tower, Madrigrano, and Johnson Halls. The hall also has a team of student staff to build community, help address student concerns and serve as a resource for their peers.

Madrigrano Hall offers a gender inclusive housing option on the 4th Floor.


The basic room layout for Carthage College residence halls including Johnson, Tarble, Denhart, an...


  • Lounge on every floor
  • Laundry facilities
  • Volleyball court
  • Patio
  • Connected to The Tower
  • Student Organization Resource Center

Floor Plan

Madrigrano Hall is comprised of double rooms and a few single rooms. Double rooms are approximately 14 feet by 11 feet, including the closets. Each room contains a bed, mattress, desk and chair, closet, nightstand, small rolling storage unit, and dresser for each resident.

Please note: The floor plan displayed on the right is not drawn to scale. Furniture dimensions vary between residence halls.