There are more than 130 active student clubs and organizations at Carthage, and they all provide great ways for students to form friendships, get involved in issues they’re passionate about, or simply have fun. And new orgs are created every semester!

Here’s a look at just a few of students’ favorite clubs on campus!

Students in 1G, the club for first-generation students, at the Involvement Fair.

1G – First Generation Club

The mission of the First Generation club is to develop a sense of community and camaraderie between first-generation college students navigating college life. It is a student-led organization dedicated to helping not only students who are the first in their families to go to college but also undocumented students, DACA students, international students, and all people who identify with any aspect of the first-generation experience. At meetings, the club gets to know one another, discusses volunteer opportunities in our community, and provides a weekly scholarship opportunity that members can explore.

“The community of first-generation students is very welcoming, and it made me want to get involved in 1-G!” Jillian Shorten ’23

the First Generation Club

being a first-gen student at Carthage

Wave Radio students

WAVE Radio

The WAVE is a student-run radio station at Carthage. Its members participate in marketing and advertisement, outreach to local musicians, and training in on-air broadcasting. WAVE members attend conferences in New York City and Chicago, speak on panels, and DJ for multiple Carthage events. Meetings include brainstorming podcasts, talk shows, and music events, scheduling radio hours, and teaching the mechanics behind online radio. WAVE Radio’s main purpose is to provide a platform for student voices to be heard, as well as support local musicians.

“Going to the International Broadcasting System (IBS) Conference in New York has been my favorite memory with the club. At the conference, there were dozens of musicians, talk show hosts, and radio station managers to talk to and hear from, not to mention the fact that we were in New York for an entire weekend!”Sophie Shulman ’23.

Listen to The Wave

Wave Radio

The Black Student Union (BSU) at the Involvement Fair.

Black Student Union

The Black Student Union is a diversity, equity, and inclusion organization committed to empowering and uplifting the voices and experiences of Black students on campus. The club focuses on building community and releasing stress through fun events and by championing new cultural experiences.

“The club has done a ton of fun events such as collaborating with the Black Student Union at UW-Parkside to go roller skating, hosting food events like the Taste of Africa, and focusing on expressing our creativity through our Halloween Sip & Paint.”Asmau Diallo ’21

The Black Student Union

Carthage Club Hockey

Carthage Club Hockey

For students looking to get active and participate in sports in an alternative way on campus, Carthage Club Hockey may be the answer. The club is a co-ed team that accepts anyone at any level of experience in ice hockey. Players wear full gear and participate at the second-highest level in a Kenosha Adult League! Plus, Carthage Club Hockey has the longest season out of all sports at Carthage, making it a fun way to exercise for most of the school year.

“We have a great time meeting new people that join the club, and by the end of our season, we are all very close and look forward to playing every game as a team! You don’t need to have a hockey flow to play, but being able to give it your all and have a blast is a must!”Ben Dusza ’21

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Carthage United to Rescue the Earth (CURE) at the Involvement Fair.

Carthage United to Rescue Earth 

Carthage United to Rescue Earth, or CURE club, promotes sustainability and eco-friendly practices within the community and serves to educate individuals on the importance of reducing their carbon footprint. In the past, the club has organized beach and nature trail clean-ups, made reusable shopping bags out of old clothing, and given informative presentations on composting, zero-waste living, and plant-based diets. Meetings are open to all and include spaces for opinions and ideas from anyone who wishes to share!

“Each meeting brings so much enthusiasm and passion for the environment that it’s impossible not to have a great time. We do so much bonding and sharing that we have such a great support system to tackle the big issues in our community.” — said Alexis Menendez ’23

Carthage United to Rescue Earth

Circle K with kits they made for the homeless.

Circle K International 

Circle K is an international organization dedicated to providing service, leadership, and fellowship opportunities. In the collegiate branch of the Kiwanis International family, CKI members leave college with real-life networking and advocating skills and service leadership. At meetings, you’ll do group bonding activities, offer upcoming service opportunities, and do smaller in-service projects. Circle K is always open to new ideas and service opportunities to serve the Carthage campus and Kenosha area better.

“Some of my favorite events include volunteering annually at the Wisconsin marathon that takes place here in Kenosha, holding frequent beach clean-ups, and attending district-wide events and conferences.”Shannon Gegare ’22

Circle K International

Enactus at the Involvement Fair.


Enactus is an international non-profit organization that empowers businesses and people in the community to create a better, more sustainable world. At Enactus, students take skills learned in the classroom and apply them to real-world problems. Every spring, Enactus competes at the national competition, where the team presents its projects to a panel of business leaders and professionals. Carthage’s Enactus placed third in their division at the 2018 National Exposition. There are more than 200 partner companies that sponsor Enactus and provide networking opportunities for Enactus students. The club welcomes all majors of any discipline.

“With a head for business and a heart for the world, we live our values of integrity, passion, innovation, and collaboration. Enactus is a great way to get involved in the community, practice business and communications skills, and participate in networking activities.”Paige Hollendonner ’21


Students in the Blitz Ultimate Frisbee club practicing for a game.

Ultimate Frisbee Club — Blitz

Were you a high school athlete who didn’t continue competing in college? Maybe you’ve never played a sport before, and you’re looking to expand your horizons! Ultimate Frisbee is a growing international sport with a dedicated community and plenty of room to become the above-average athlete you know you can be. Blitz is a co-ed club for the USA Ultimate organization, and competition is held up to a national level depending on how far you’re willing to take it. Whether you’re looking for a way to stay active, looking for competition, or just looking for a new hobby, joining Blitz is the way to do it all!

Blitz also has a strong spirit for frisbee golf! Email the Blitz team at  if you’re interested in some weekend tossing.

Blitz Ultimate Frisbee Club

Merely Players Improv Comedy Club

Merely Players Improv Comedy

For students looking to break out of their comfort zones or interested in the improv side of comedy, the Merely Players are the group for you! Auditions are at the start of every semester and practices focus on building performance, comedy, and improvisational skills. They are one of the most acclaimed improv groups in Wisconsin and Carthage’s 2020 Student Organization of the year, and they’d love for you to join in the fun!

“Along with offering free performances and open workshops, Merely Improv competes at the annual College Improv Tournament. We also host our own events, including the Dogneck Improv Mixer, a collaborative improv festival and food drive, and Carthival, an end-of-the-year, campus-wide variety show.”Mia Morton ’21

Merely Players Improv Comedy

Food at Japanese Club

Carthage Japanese Club

Carthage Japanese Club is the official club of the Carthage  Japanese Department, but being knowledgeable in the Japanese language is not a requirement! Anyone interested in Japanese culture, whether it be pop culture or traditional culture, is welcome and encouraged to join. Meetings consist of making traditional Japanese arts, crafts, cooking, playing games, and sharing the love of Japanese culture. 

“At Japanese Club, we take a deep dive into anything and everything related to Japanese culture. We have many fun annual traditions going on since the club was founded, like a watermelon smashing event at the beginning of the year and a trip once a year to the Japanese marketplace known as Mitsuwa near Chicago.”Mallory Jenkins ’21

the Carthage Japanese Club



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