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Carthage College Student Government

Carthage Student Government works to promote a democratic form Student Government Seal/Icon used in student government related communications. of government, in which students are provided with leadership opportunities and development, while creating a forum for student issues. Student Government actively works to enact change and improve Carthage for students through communication between staff, faculty, and administration. Additionally, the student body works to promote social, cultural, educational, and recreational activities for students.

As a whole, the body works to fund student organizations. The funding promotes activities and involvement on and off campus to foster community within Carthage. Other work that Student Government does includes passing resolutions to advocate for change and uplifting student voices and concerns. Important Student Government documents can be found on The Harbor.

Student Government consists of 50 members, including the executive board, 25 senators, and 20 organization seats. The body meets at 9:15 p.m. Tuesdays, in the Todd Wehr Center (TWC) Jockey Rooms. Meetings are open to the general public, and students can make public comments. Meeting minutes are shared on The Bridge on Wednesdays every week.

Students interested in joining are encouraged to attend meetings and reach out to Student Government.

Email: sg@carthage.edu or sgfinance@carthage.edu
Instagram: carthagesg