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Carthage EcoChallenge

Time: 12:00am CDT March 17 - April 15

Location: Online

Student organizations, save the planet and win a prize by competing in the Carthage EcoChallenge. The challenge begins Wednesday, March 17, so get ready!

  • Sign up your student club or greek organization at
  • All students are welcome to participate as part of a student organization team
  • Teams must have a minimum of six players, with no maximum
  • Students can only participate on one team
  • Earn points for learning about sustainability, changing your habits, and getting others involved
  • The winner is decided by dividing team points by the number of players on the team

The challenge ends on Thursday, April 15. First-place prize is $1,000 and is awarded to the winning team’s student organization. The winner will be announced on Thursday, April 22 (Earth Day).

The EcoChallenge is a college campus-oriented competition based on teamwork, education, and a desire to act more sustainably. Sponsored by President John Swallow’s newly created Sustainability Taskforce, Carthage United to Rescue Earth, and the Student Government Ad Hoc Sustainability Committee.

Find more information about the challenge on the Carthage Going Green Facebook page.

Send any questions, comments, or concerns to


Sustainability Projects Task Force, CURE, Student Government


By: Sophie Shulman

Location: Online