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Constitution Day Discussion Series: ‘Wartime Freedom: Lessons from the Civil War’

Time: 12:00pm CST November 19

Location: Kenosha Civil War Museum

Join us for the Constitution Day Discussion Series: “Wartime Freedom: Lessons from the Civil War” led by Professor Tom Powers at noon Friday, Nov. 19, at the Kenosha Civil War Museum (5400 1st Ave, Kenosha, WI 53140).

Participants will consider the extent to which a tension between liberty and security is built into the logic of the United States Constitution. The first most serious test of the question of how best to reconcile these two competing concerns occurred during the Civil War. President Lincoln took steps that are debated to this day and the best starting point for thinking about his position is to be found in a series of landmark Supreme Court decisions that followed. We will examine Lincoln’s actions, his defense of them, and the response from civil libertarians on the Supreme Court.

Prof. Powers received his undergraduate degree from the University of Chicago and his doctorate from the University of Toronto. He teaches Constitutional Law and Religion and Politics at Carthage. His work related to the legal field explores the interrelationships between political theory and constitutional law in particular.

Co-sponsored by the Kenosha Civil War Museum and the Jack Miller Center, the Constitution Day Discussion Series engages community members in discussions about the relationships between the Constitution, slavery, and the Civil War. Participants will receive articles and primary sources to facilitate conversations on topics led by Carthage faculty.


History Department, Political Science Department, Kenosha Civil War Museum, Jack Miller Center


Eric Pullin, 

  • Constitution Day Seminar Series

Location: Kenosha Civil War Museum