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Faculty member shares Vietnam War experiences in new book

  • Mark Miller
    Mark Miller


Catherine Lau

August 30, 2016

Professor Mark Miller had his wartime experiences published in his memoir, “My Confessions from Vietnam,” this August. Prof. Miller began reflecting on the importance of sharing his story after visiting the Vietnam Memorial in 1993 and enlisted his daughter, Brooke Miller Hall, to help write it.

Through his memoir, Prof. Miller, also known as Sergeant Garbage, reveals that he briefly considered fleeing to Canada rather than serving in the unpopular war. “I was a reluctant soldier, one of over two million who were forced to serve,” he says in the book. “Our options were to serve, leave the country, or go to jail.”

The accounts of Prof. Miller and his “Garbage Squad” are intimate, sometimes heartwarming, and sometimes terrifying, as the young men try their best to make it home alive, preferably without killing anyone.

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