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Prof. Jennifer Madden to present research at ARNOVA

  • Professor Jennifer Madden
November 12, 2016

Jennifer Madden, assistant professor of management and marketing at Carthage, will be in Washington, D.C., Nov. 16-19 to present research at the 45th Annual Conference of the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action (ARNOVA).

ARNOVA is the leading interdisciplinary professional association dedicated to fostering through research and education, the creation, application and dissemination of knowledge on nonprofit organizations, philanthropy, civil society and voluntary action.

Prof. Madden’s mixed-methods research paper is titled “Through a Design Lens: A Pracademic’s View of Engaged Scholarship.”

She writes: “As an engaged scholar, I infuse design methods into the creation of solutions for nonprofit organizations. Strengthening the skills of nonprofit practitioners through the adoption of design attitude, design thinking and redesign ensures the continuous integration of critical thinking, problem solving and opportunity leveraging expertise across the nonprofit sector. Infusing design into practitioner training and nonprofit management studies holds the possibility for increasing the skills and abilities of nonprofit managers and leaders, facilitating the continued development of the sector. The practical application of my research is evidence based, research informed and is having a transformational impact in urban communities.”