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J-Term 2014: A Northwoods Adventure


Scott Hegrenes

November 06, 2013

Students who are eager for an outdoor adventure for J-term 2014 can still enroll in the “Wolves and Northwoods Carnivores” course offered by the Audubon Center of the Northwoods, Jan 1-18. Cost is $1699.00.

“Wolves and Northwoods Carnivores: A Look at Predatory Ecology” is taught through another institution, but Carthage students have participated and received independent study credit for the course.  

Northern Minnesota is the setting for this field-based ecology course. You will spend time outdoors tracking wolves, deer, lynx, coyote, etc. Snowshoes and cross-country skis are common means of transportation. Costs include all lodging, food, and transportation (except getting to the Minnesota site).  

If you would like more information about the course, or about academic credit for the course, please contact professor Scott Hegrenes (Biology) or visit him in Straz 202.