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Student Success Corner: This month’s tips!


Courtney Drew

November 18, 2013

It’s another edition of tips for success from your Center for Student Success!

1. Stay focused
You have three weeks to finals, and one of them is Thanksgiving Break! We would suggest setting short-term goals for these final weeks of the semester. The final impression of your work could be help or hinder a grade. One idea: Try to keep your holiday shopping and social plans for the weekends.

2. Plan ahead
The final exam schedule is located at We would encourage you to structure your schedule to include time for studying, homework, and projects. If you need assistance with managing your time, there are personal success trainers available through the SI/Tutor Coordinator in the Center for Student Success.

3. Hit the Reset Button
It will be tempting to study and do homework during the break, but make sure you take to time to relax and step away from school. You need to recharge yourself for the seven class days and three days of finals after Thanksgiving Break.