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First nursing class dons white coats

September 25, 2017

Carthage's first nursing cohort participated in a White Coat Ceremony on Sept. 23, 2017, in the Campbell Student Union auditorium.

The 15 juniors in Carthage’s first nursing cohort received their white lab coats in a Sept. 23 ceremony, a rite of passage signaling the transition to the clinical portion of their education.

Faculty members, along with and friends and relatives of the students, attended the White Coat Ceremony in the Campbell Student Union auditorium.

Besides the lab coat, the students received a pin that “reminds them of their obligation to provide holistic and compassionate care,” said Professor Frank Hicks, the College’s director of nursing. They also took an oath to uphold the profession’s ideals.

The members of the cohort (Class of 2019) include Anthony Allen, Mary Claire Barto, Liam Coakley, Emma Dresen, Andrea Kline, Joseph Livingston, Megan McNamara, Samantha Nichols, Justin Ramos, Hailey Rothstein, Jocelyne Sanchez, Kendell Santin, Lloyd Sorrell, Samantha Tedesco, and Abigail Thompson.


In the presence of my faculty and fellow students, and with full knowledge of the obligations I undertake this day, I solemnly pledge myself to the rigorous study of the art and science of nursing.

I promise to conduct my academic and professional life with integrity and honor. I will provide the very best care to all who are committed to my charge, and I will uphold the dignity and worth of each individual with whom I come into contact.

I will continually seek out knowledge and improve myself throughout my career as a professional nurse, and I will listen to and learn from those with greater wisdom and experience.