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Students performed at Milwaukee Japanese Association​’s annual festival

  • Students performed at Japanese Fest in Franklin on Oct. 8.
    Students performed at Japanese Fest in Franklin on Oct. 8.


Takumi Nakano

October 07, 2017

On Oct. 8, the Carthage Japanese program joined the Japan Fest, organized by Milwaukee Japanese Association​ (MJA). Six of our students performed at the festival.

MJA Japan Fest is an annual cultural exchange and charity event held at Franklin High School in Franklin, Wisconsin. The event consists of booths of Japanese food and goods, as well as stage performances. The proceeds from the festival will be donated to areas affected by natural disaster.

Kyoko Hinomoto and Rachael Lund played あの夏へ (“One Summer’s Day”) from Hayao Miyazaki’s film 千と千尋の神隠し (“Spirited Away”). After the beautiful flute sound, Joshua Dohrmann sang 僕らの夏の夢 (“Bokura no Natsu no Yume”) from Mamoru Hosoda’s film “Summer Wars.” Ashley Kohler, Maggie Kowalski, and Gabs Swangstue did a dance cover of μ’s ススメ→トゥモロウ (“Susume→Tomorrow”) from the multimedia idol project “Love Live!” We were very happy to have more than 15 classmates attend the festival and cheer on the performers! Thank you, everyone!
Watch video from the performances

The Carthage Japanese program will host a cultural festival on Thursday, Nov. 16, and it will also be very exciting! Watch for more details coming soon. Like us on Facebook to stay updated!