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Share your story with #FuelCarthage


Daniel Dick

October 31, 2017

30 days. 6. projects. 1 goal. There are 15 days that remain in the 30-day challenge to fuel six projects and accomplish one goal of enhancing the Carthage student experience. We need your help!

Have you participated in an internship?  Have you studied abroad? Are you passionate about equity at Carthage? Share your story and photos on social media with the #FuelCarthage hashtag. Be sure to include the link so others will make their gift and join in the challenge!

Choose your favorite from this year’s challenges:

  • Support the purchase of new equipment for the Student Athlete Weight Room
  • Fund a celebration event on campus to celebrate equity and inclusion
  • Bring an award-winning actor to Carthage
  • Provide intensive leadership training for future leaders
  • Help fund two full-time internships in Summer 2018
  • Support students’ dreams of studying abroad

If you’ve already supported a project, be sure to share your story today! #FuelCarthage