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Illustration blog used as pedagogical tool

By Anne Cassidy

February 11, 2014

Carolyn Griffith, Product Image: Lucky Charms, colored markers on Yupo paperCarolyn Griffith, Product Image: Lucky Charms, colored markers on Yupo paperProf. Diane Levesque is utilizing a publicly visible course blog for the Illustration course ART 3010 as a pedagogical tool.

“I wanted the students to have access to a site where basic course information was available plus examples of artists for them to explore,” she said. “More importantly I wanted them to have a place to display their work in-progress and their finished work. This includes in-class assignments, sketchbook assignments and special blog-only assignments.”

In addition, each student had to create their own blog which is posted on the course blog. As part of the students’ blog work, they research the work of professional illustrators and post their favorites along with commentary. The blog counts as 10 percent of their grade.

Clayton Irwin, Comic Strip: Rex & Eliot, ink on paperClayton Irwin, Comic Strip: Rex & Eliot, ink on paperThe course is taught with a business model approach. Each assignment has a hypothetical client and a job brief. The first assignment was an actual client, Carthage itself. Associate Vice President of Communications Molly Polk asked the class to submit cover designs for The Carthaginian based upon the theme “100 Years of Kissing Rock.”

The work of Mary England, a junior graphic design major, was selected for the cover. She is quite excited about this as it allows her to include this very important honorary commission on her resume and in her portfolio.

The blog is an important part of the business model approach as it places each student within the context of the open market with sometimes unexpected, but valuable external feedback. They learn how to competitively present their work while improving their art skills. Click here to view the blog.