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Congratulations Julie Dresen: Published 2013 GPA Journal


Julio Rivera

December 07, 2013

Please join me in congratulating Julie Dresen, director of grants and foundation relations, on her recently published article “Increasing Grant and Research-Related Compliance through Website Modification” in the Fall 2013 issue of the Journal of the Grant Professionals Association.

Julie’s exploratory survey and usability study of randomly selected university faculty, administration, and staff examined features of a research administration website that could help to increase knowledge of and compliance with federal and university rules and regulations related to grants and research administration. While the number of participants was too low to generalize results, her findings suggested that website redesign may improve knowledge and compliance. These improvements could include understanding institutional review board protocol, familiarity with and importance of time and effort reporting, limits on allowable expenditures for contracted services, knowledge of whom to contact regarding contracted services, and how to find information on financial conflict of interest.

Julie has brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to her newly created position at Carthage, and I am thrilled to have her work acknowledged and published nationally. She has been instrumental in the successful acquisition of several grants since her arrival on campus, and we look forward to her continued efforts on behalf of the Carthage community.